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Synonyms for Shinto

the native religion and former ethnic cult of Japan

the ancient indigenous religion of Japan lacking formal dogma

relating to or characteristic of Shintoism

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As a means of making Koreans loyal subjects, the Japanese administration attempted, at any cost, to bring about the cultural assimilation of Korea by urging the population to revere the emperor and to offer obeisance at Shinto shrines.
Although the effect of Confucianism on the social behavior of the Japanese is well known, the relevancy of Japan's Buddhist and Shinto orientation to Japanese business has been only superficially treated.
The Japanese reserve their own high-quality domestic lumber for aesthetic end uses-posts and planks in the honorary alcoves of traditional houses, specialty artifacts, and Shinto shrines.
As a New Jersey award winner, Shinto is now eligible for consideration for the National Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 Award.
Past visits to the Shinto shrine by Japanese political leaders have outraged countries that were victims of Japanese wartime aggression, especially China and South Korea.
Shinto Kaikaku, launched last month, comprises Masuzoe and five other upper house lawmakers.
Shinto no Shimpi was published in 2000 by Shunjusha and was Englished by a team of translators.
Although we have many Asians, not all of them are followers of either Shinto or Buddhist religion.
The festival will focus on the beginning of spring and will include koto dancing, a Shinto rite, taiko drums and an aikido martial arts performance.
He proposed a warm, wood-lined space that would be as appropriate for sacred ritual as for experimental theatre; 'soundstage meets Shinto shrine'.
The facility will employ approximately 30 scientists and be managed by DuPont and DuPont Shinto Automotive Systems, a joint venture between DuPont and Shinto Paint Company.
In one picture, Chung dresses up like a cricket player and strikes a martial-arts pose in front of a wallpapered Shinto arch (Kung Fu Cricket, 2002).
The sumo judge is in fact a Shinto priest, and the ring a sacred space.
Ex-Godolphin pacemaker Blatant is Coral's second favourite at 100-30, with State Shinto a 13-2 chance and Conflict 9-1.