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a form of Buddhism emphasizing mystical symbolism of mantras and mudras and the Buddha's ideal which is inexpressible

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She also had ties to the Kumano tradition of Shingon Buddhism, which taught women how to avoid falling into the lake of menstrual blood that was the Jodo hell for women.
The Matrix and Diamond World Mandalas in Shingon Buddhism.
Shortly after, he was sent on a diplomatic mission to China and travelled to Chang'an where he obtained initiation into the mysteries of Shingon Buddhism.
Utah) investigates bodhicitta (enlightenment-mind), its history as a functional soteriological element, the methods by which it is cultivated in practice, and the application and description of that cultivation within the context of Japanese Shingon Buddhism as developed by Kukai (774-835 CE).
Equally rewarding is Oida's account of his long friendship with Yukio Mishima, and Oida's own spiritual journey as he trained for the priesthood in Shingon Buddhism.