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(Old Testament) a judge of Israel who performed herculean feats of strength against the Philistines until he was betrayed to them by his mistress Delilah

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a large and strong and heavyset man

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Jonathan Nitzan and Shimshon Bichler, Capital as Power: A Study of Order and Creorder (New York: Routledge, 2009), 332-33.
In 1987, Israeli Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin ratified a secret "Memorandum of Understanding" with the United States concerning the use of Israeli nuclear weapons to defend American interests in the region (Jonathan Nitzan and Shimshon Bichler, 2002, The Global Political Economy of Israel).
Shimshon a leader whose power was thought to be as mighty as the sun.
With 2009's Capital as Power: A Study of Order and Creorder, Jonathan Nitzan and Shimshon Bichler offered a foundational critique of neoclassical and Marxist definitions of capital and offered their own provocative theory of capital and its accumulation, built upon the idea, as editor Di Muzio (international relations and public policy, U.
In regard to the question of precise authorship, Rabbi Meir Katzenellenbogen of Padova wrote that Shimshon of Sanz was actually the originator of the ban, (306) and that the reason behind it was "for since we are in exile, we should not take many wives, nor beget many children, since we would not be able to rear them nor fend for them properly.
Soren Ventegodt, Niels Jorgen Andersen, Shimshon Neikrug, Isack Kandel, and Joav Merrick Clinical Holistic Medicine: Holistic Treatment of Mental Disorders Research Article The Scientific World Journal (2005);5,427-445.
A well-liked ice cream dessert (sundae, probably invented to circumvent the prohibition to sell ice cream on Sundays), a king (Louis XIV, le Roi-Soleil or the Sun King), as well as a famous horse that raced for a king (Sun Chariot, for George VI), two female given names (Helen and its dozens of variants, as well as Solana (6)), a Yoga position (Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation), a popular name for a vessel used in church (the sunburst monstrance), and a hero of the Jewish Bible (Samson or Shimshon, "little sun" in Hebrew).
Shimshon Belkin of the Institute of Life Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has married biology and engineering to produce a biosensor device called the Dip Chip, which detects toxicity quickly and accurately, generating low false-positive and falsenegative readings.
Army officials said that heavy military and emergency vehicle traffic is expected in the city's Shimshon neighborhood during the day.
The cemetery is the final resting of Shimshon Klueger, the only Jew to return to the town after 1945.
The former Minister of Justice, the late Yaakov Shimshon Shapira, a Zionist through and through, told me once that, as the Legal Advisor of the government, he had advised David Ben-Gurion not to enact the Law of Return -- because he would never find an answer to the question "who is a Jew".
All our purpose is to try to press the government to get the right decisions, brave decisions, that will bring to the situation that Gilad Shalit will be released," Shimshon Liebmen, spokesman for the Shalit campaign said.
At the rally Shalit family spokesperson Shimshon Liebman said, in a comment directed toward Barak, As defense minister you are responsible for the soldier Gilad Shalit.
It could be that the prime minister's statement affected people and made them decide to take part," Shimshon Liebman, the head of the free Shalit campaign, told AFP.