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Synonyms for shilling

the basic unit of money in Uganda

the basic unit of money in Tanzania

the basic unit of money in Somalia

the basic unit of money in Kenya

a former monetary unit in Great Britain

an English coin worth one twentieth of a pound

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And for every twenty shillings that he coined, you will remember, Captain John Hull was entitled to put one shilling into his own pocket.
And well he might be; for so diligently did he labor, that, in a few years, his pockets, his money- bags, and his strong box were overflowing with pine-tree shillings.
Here is your money--all shillings, except two half-crowns.
I was for getting angry, and appealed to the rich man (Hector Maclean was his name), who had been a witness to our bargain and to my payment of the five shillings.
Five shillings mair," said he, "and hersel' will bring ye there.
It struck Will at this moment that the man might be one of those political parasitic insects of the bloated kind who had once or twice claimed acquaintance with him as having heard him speak on the Reform question, and who might think of getting a shilling by news.
Some are hard up for a thousand pounds; some for a shilling.
Whenever the steward transferred from ship to ship of the Burns Philp fleet, he always stipulated that Kwaque should accompany him and be duly rated at ten shillings.
Four shillings was what I got that chair for,' replies my mother firmly.
No, no," he said, gruffly, "never mind--put the shilling up again.
Fifteen shillings a week is not much,' said Nicholas, mildly.
Then he called the host to him and said, "Here, good man, are ten broad shillings for the entertainment thou hast given us this day.
Quinion then formally engaged me to be as useful as I could in the warehouse of Murdstone and Grinby, at a salary, I think, of six shillings a week.
When therefore, about this time, an auction was one night announced to take place in the hall, at which, amongst the superfluities of other boys, all Diggs's penates for the time being were going to the hammer, East and Tom laid their heads together, and resolved to devote their ready cash (some four shillings sterling) to redeem such articles as that sum would cover.
I gave the last farthing, all to that shilling, to the French trader, this very morning, as I came through the town, for powder; so, as you have nothing, we can have but one shot for it.