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a member of the branch of Islam that regards Ali as the legitimate successor to Mohammed and rejects the first three caliphs

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The pilgrims' destination is the city of Zaria in Kaduna State, northern Nigeria, where they were set to be addressed by Shiite cleric Ibrahim Zakzaky.
The popular forces committees were set up at the request of a number of Shiite clerics and people in Qatif.
Organizers expect a large number of people to participate in the event, located in the mainly Shiite Qatif district of Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province.
They were rounded up as they fled in October with their male relatives from Jurf as-Sakhr, a bastion of the Islamic State, following a Shiite militia and Iraqi military operation to clear the farming community.
The shooting occurred in Al-Ahsa Governorate in the Eastern Province, one of the main centers of the Shiite Muslims minority in Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia.
They began demonstrating in February 2011 after an outbreak of violence between Shiite pilgrims and religious police in the Muslim holy city of Medina in western Saudi Arabia.
The former presidential adviser disclosed that additional steps will follow including the confiscation of books and publications that promote the Shiite doctrine, whether in public libraries or in private.
Increasingly, the Shiite al-Maliki's former allies believe he cannot lead an inclusive government that can draw minority Sunnis away from support for the fighters who have swept over a large swath of Iraq as they head toward the capital, Baghdad.
Having the last name of "Bahrani" for most of the great scholars shows the increased number of scholars from Shiite.
In Pakistan, for example, there are sectarian killings almost daily; in Malaysia, the tiny Shiite population is viewed as an existential threat; and incendiary language dominates discourse about rival sects in Wahhabi circles in the Gulf and far beyond.
Iraqi Shiite militias have begun openly acknowledging they are fighting in Syria, in what they see as a worthy battle against rebels seeking to topple President Bashar Assad, especially his hard-line Sunni opponents.
The gunmen carried out three separate shootings in two Shiite towns on Saturday, provincial police spokesman Ziad al Rukaiti said.
Saturday's attack was carried out by a Sunni militant group targeting Hazaras, a Shiite ethnic group, on the outskirts of the southwestern city of Quetta.
Summary: Pakistan: In the village of Qila Bhattian Wala, nestled in wheat fields, Shiite Muslims know .
BABEL / Aswat al-Iraq: Two Shiite visitors were killed and another one was wounded when a car bomb exploded on Wednesday in north of Babel, according to a security source.