Shetland pony

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breed of very small pony with long shaggy mane and tail

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Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle meet a Shetland Pony as they arrive at Edinburgh Castle
Maydew the Shetland pony will be starring in a performance of Cinderella at Heath Lane Academy.
Phoebe Sykes raised PS370 by taking on Brooke's #MyHackathon challenge with her Shetland pony Molly
All seven races and the additional Shetland Pony Gold Cup were sponsored and my thanks to all the sponsors and our regular generous donors towards the day, including Andy Stewart and Lord Cadogan.
Before entering the royal chapel for a short service she was met by a guard of honour including Shetland pony Cruachan IV - who tried to get a taste of the flowers.
ANONYMOUS donors have now offered PS2,000 to help catch whoever is responsible for a brutal attack on a Shetland pony.
AN animal welfare investigation was launched after reports of concern for a Shetland pony that has been sleeping in a van - along with its owner - on Llandudno's West Shore.
Mr P the Shetland pony visits Willowdene Care Home in Hebburn LEWIS ARNOLD
Each page is bright and interesting; being packed with fascinating facts, snippets of information and photographs, all introduced by Angus the Shetland pony.
Dancing Shetland pony Socks is a real stud - he's fathered one foal and has three more on the way.
A VIDEO of a dancing Shetland pony has gone viral - with more than two million hits on YouTube.
Word List: pony, foal, stallion, Shetland pony, zebra, yearling, four, colt, hoof, thirty, nag, mare
The show saw British Driving Society members competing alongside Shetland pony exhibitors.
14, three lost animals were listed--a miniature burro, a Shetland Pony and a black bull.
I've been visiting the site for a decade now and have befriended a Shetland pony that grazes on one of the fields.