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a fictitious detective in stories by A


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POLICE didn't need the sleuthing skills of Sherlock Homes to catch a burglar - a trail of stolen goods led to his door.
What should be addressed is how elegant this edition of "The Adventures Of Sherlock Homes And Other Stories" is its gilding, its ribbon bookmark, its embossed cover, and its informed and informative introduction by Michael A.
We don't have to call on Sherlock Homes to investigate as police are equally efficient.
GUY RITCHIE apparently wants Daniel Day-Lewis to play Professor Moriarty in Sherlock Homes 2.
Noting that Musharraf had himself being targeted by suicide bombers on numerous occasions, Qureshi said: "The chief UN investigator was not the relative of Sherlock Homes.
Google Street View has placed several famous character on UK streets, including Sherlock Homes in Oxford and Mary Poppins, who was spotted in Cardiff Bay; Eagle-eyed internet users also noticed these pictures of Paddington Bear, left, in Trafalgar Square and Where's Wally, above
Meanwhile at Norham, entrants went back in time to produce an Elvis and a Sherlock Homes.
In the work,Barnes used characters and stories from the Sherlock Homes canon for individual selections.
Making his third consecutive appearance on the executive board is Jim Ronan of Sherlock Homes Real Estate Inspection Services in northern California.
Sherlock Homes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is coming to TV screens - as a real-life detective in new ITV show Arthur & George.
You can find The Sherlock Homes Society of Scotland on Facebook.
One of the things I really enjoy about David McLean's annual Islamic Banking Conference at the Gulf Hotel is to sneak into the Sherlock Homes bar at half time to spot how many of those promoting Sharia-compliant products are consuming particularly non-Sharia-compliant beverages.
Rachel McAdams is expected to reprise her role as Irene Adler, though in a diminished capacity, and Stephen Fry has been cast as Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes' older brother who is even brighter than Sherlock Homes, although with less zest for investigations.