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(Old Testament) son of David and king of Israel noted for his wisdom (10th century BC)

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It says something about the strange epistemology of folktales that the man who recorded "Rabbi Shelomoh the Lion," one David Buhbut, claimed that it was a story about his own grandfather and took place just 50 years in the past.
Shelomoh is lightly raced for his age and his trainer believes he is still well treated and capable of picking up a more valuable handicap than this in due course.
Shelomoh was just denied at Carlisle, but has been found a nice opportunity with which to set the record straight at Newcastle.
Laa conversiones estimularon algunas plumas poeticas, como la de Shelomoh Bonafed quien, a proposito de la conversion de su amigo, el ahora Dn.
However, for a 12th-century Haggadah that was amended to correct for the missing seraph, see Sidur Rabenu Shelomoh be-Rabi Natan (Jerusalem: Sh.
See Shelomoh Morag, Ha-evrit S'bafi Yehudey Teyman [The Hebrew of Yemenite Jews] (Jerusalem, 1963); cf.
Michael Handel and Uri Bar-Joseph, Two Minutes over Baghdad (Frank Cass, 2003); and Shelomoh Nakdimon, translated by Peretz Kidron, First Strike: The Exclusive Story of How Israel Foiled Iraq's Attempt to Get the Bomb (Summit Books, 1987).
See also Sara Klein-Braslavy, Shelomoh Ha-Melekh Veha-ezoterizm Ha-filosofi Bemishnat Ha-Rambam [King Solomon and Philosophical Esotericism in Maimonides' Thought] (Jerusalem: Magnes, 1996), 39-109.
The price was right, Shelomoh did everything right, but weight is a great leveller and the concession of 19lb to the winner proved a whisker beyond him.
The eight-year-old failed to jump with any fluency and hung left on the home turn but got up in the final strides to beat Shelomoh by a short head.