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(Old Testament) son of David and king of Israel noted for his wisdom (10th century BC)

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A spectacular find brought to light by Shelomo Dov Goitein (d.
Her poetry is spun directly and powerfully out of that often-esoteric world, as well as out of the literary heritage of Jewish Spain: she speaks of a particular affinity for the poet Shelomo Ibn Gabirol, that tormented master and one of the four or five major poets of the Hebrew Golden Age.
Alberto Levy, "Istoria de la Ermandad Sefaradit de Amerika, 1915-1921," El Ermanado 1 [marked as volume 5] (1922): 1-3; Rafael Shelomo Hasson, "Ayer i oy: la istoria dela Ermandad Sefaradit de Amerika, Ink.
Arguably, this dates back as far as 1966, when scholars such as Shelomo Dov Goitein were arguing that the fundamental tenets of civil society--such as civic movements, solidarities, groups and institutions--were not only evident in the Islamic Middle East but remained a critical force for change across the region.
So I said, "moreinu ve-rabbeinu, rabi shelomo yitshaki, come.
Rashi is an acronym from the initials of Rabbi Shelomo Yitzhaki.
67] Publishing a commentary, around 1490, on the Song of Songs, entitled Heshek shelomo, or "Solomon's Desire," Alemanno traces the operations of Love as music and of music as a superior song, which the lover craves, or to quote Alemanno: