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(archeology) a mound of domestic refuse containing shells and animal bones marking the site of a prehistoric settlement

a heap of dung or refuse

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19) Contemplating Joanna's existence on Shell-Heap Island, the narrator comments that there is something "that cannot fail to touch the imagination" about the "sad succession" of recluses (63).
Situated on Shell-Heap Island, the narrator explicitly identifies the world existing "there" (across the bay) and Poor Joanna, disconnected from this world, located "here" (on Shell-Heap Island).
Standing alone on Shell-Heap Island, the narrator's reverie is interrupted by the sudden "sound of distant voices; gay voices and laughter from a pleasure-boat that was going seaward full of boys and girls" (65).
Looking back at Dunnet Landing from Shell-Heap Island, the narrator-as-honored-exile models herself in Joanna's likeness, imagining the view "as Joanna must have watched it many a day.