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a company that is incorporated but has no assets or operations


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Whitehouse also serves as Ranking Member on the Senate Judiciary Crime and Terrorism Subcommittee, where he has helped to lead an investigation of Russian meddling in our elections and has confronted the use of shell corporations and dark money as tools of the Russian government.
Shell corporations lie at the center of this secretive realm.
The evidence showed that between 2007 and 2011, Ishtiaq and his co-defendants engaged in an elaborate scheme to obtain insurance for livery cars in the names of shell corporations by submitting forged documents and making false statements to insurance carriers and brokers.
At a meeting with top executives of foreign banks, insurers and brokerages in South Korea, Choi Soo-hyun, governor of the FSS, called for "strict compliance" with reporting obligations concerning shell corporations set up by South Korean taxpayers in offshore tax jurisdictions, the agency said in a statement June 13.
The files contain information on over 120 000 offshore entities a including shell corporations and legal structures known as trusts a involving people in over 170 countries.
At a time of growing concern over inequality, Romney's documents open a window onto tax-avoidance mechanisms used by elite investors, including shell corporations, shifts and trades in debt, offshore accounts and more.
Even though he's invested millions in foreign tax havens, offshore shell corporations, and a Swiss bank account, he's still asking the American people to trust him," the report quoted Smith, as saying.
But many builders have simply run out of money and then hid behind shell corporations.
The DA needs to get to the bottom of a mess that quickly includes land deals, shell corporations and corruption.
One moment we're walking hand in hand with Goofy round the little, fake Eiffel Tower of EPCOT and the next we sink into the morass that paved the Everglades, acquired control of vast swaths of central Florida using a variety of shell corporations, and produced images of childlike joy for our consumption.
TechCrunch reported that the article by Trond Sundnes of Dagens Naeringsliv and Goran Skaalmo described "how the company booked free software trials as revenues, and how its executives set up shell corporations for allegedly self-dealing purposes.
The defendants allegedly laundered and stashed away "untold millions of dollars" using shell corporations and bank accounts in Central America, the Caribbean, Switzerland, Hong Kong and elsewhere, Brown said.
They hired finance professionals to advise them on investments, shell corporations and businesses to purchase as ways to conceal assets and launder profits, according to the indictment.
Describe the "pump and dump" scheme and the concerns of the SEC regarding shell corporations and their role in the reverse merger process.
He took the company public, but he retained most of the stock for himself and a few allies, using layers of shell corporations set up in tax havens such as Cyprus and the Isle of Man.