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65) Though "high class" lacks the dignity of "art music" or "musical work," it is clear from his list that Wickes means firms specializing in art music issued some of their publications in the same sheet-music format that had become standard for popular music.
78) Yet despite this ephemeral, disposable nature, and for reasons apparently still uninvestigated, owners tended not to destroy their old sheet music - even the "dogs" - preferring instead to have their copies bound into personalized anthologies at local binderies, or allowing them to accumulate in specially constructed sheet-music cabinets, in the compartments of piano benches, or in steamer trunks stowed in basements, coal bins, and attics.
But while the ephemeral products of sheet-music publishing may have had their charms for the private collector, they generally did not hold the same attractions for the institutional collector.
Additionally, sheet-music renditions of popular songs became mere shadows of their recorded performances, transmitting little more than their lyrics and melodies.
Russell Sanjek, "The Development of America's Sheet-Music Industry" (paper presented at the Conference on Music in America sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.