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cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables

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I went for my favourite, onion bhaji while my friends tried the meat samosas and sheesh kebab.
And when people appreciate that the current price of beef is about half that of lamb, they may also realise that the takeaway owner is earning more than he should from the lamb bhuna or sheesh kebab.
Officers found Lamb Bhuna, Lamb Balti, Lamb Sheesh Kebab and Lamb Donner Kebab to be made of beef.
There's a wide selection of mutton and chicken grills in it, but the classic mutton sheesh kebab takes the cake yet again.
Starters include sheesh kebab - mince cooked with onions and gram flour - but it has a spicy kick.
The Bengal Flava pride themselves on their freshly cooked food, from the home made pickles and sheesh kebab starters to the superbly marinated chicken tikka, and you can tell straight away.
Restaurants can save up to PS8 a kilo by using beef in dishes such as lamb bhuna, balti or sheesh kebabs.