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a herder of sheep (on an open range)

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Like Hadlock and Potashin, Carol Pedersen works with aspen arborglyphs created by sheepherders.
From the mid-19th century through the late 20th century, sheepherders in search of prosperity migrated to the area from Chile, Mexico, Peru, and the Basque region of Europe, which straddles France and Spain.
The duo are thrown together in Sixties Wyoming where they become sheepherders in the mountains, away from society for weeks on end.
Not much has changed from Old West range wars between ranchers and sheepherders.
There's so much history to discover in the Portland Underground--stories of sailors, loggers, cowboys, sheepherders, ranch hands, construction workers, and vagabonds being sold into seaboard slavery en route to the Orient.
What I've heard about Brokeback Mountain is that they're sheepherders, and we were dealing with cattle, so I don't know.
Ennis, who sporadically tends livestock, meets Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal), a struggling rodeo cowboy, when the two sign on as sheepherders in the summer of 1963.
Sheepherders, who are typically foreigners earning about $800 a month, are being lured away from their sheep for the greener pastures of other industries (oil and gas).
On April 23, our motorcade, comprised of five black Mercedes Benz and a black Lincoln Town Car, sped out of Aleppo, racing across the camel brown desert (where the only visible signs of life were solitary sheepherders and their sheep that foraged among the desert brush for something edible), only slowing to 50 mph or so when passing through one of the many dun colored villages comprised of rudimentary brick buildings and wooden huts.
They also argue that the conflict on the range was more between ranchers and sheepherders than between ranchers and homesteaders.
Bank management was caught violating its own rules on the environment and resettlement when it tried to push through the China Western Poverty Reduction Project, which would have transformed an arid ecosystem supporting minority Tibetan and Mongolian sheepherders into land for settled agriculture for people from other parts of China.
As mothers, mothers-in-law, daughters, daughters-in-law, sisters and sisters-in-law, women provided the networks of obligation and caring which made most Basque settlements in the American West something more than the lonely sojourning stops of migrant sheepherders and livestock men.
In 2002, Hollywood made the film Windtalkers about the Navajo contribution to the war, but the story plodded through cliches, failing to bring out the story of the young sheepherders, who served a great nation at a time of peril.
What we saw on that bus ride was desert on both sides of the road with occasional sheepherders and their flocks, camels, tents, and a few huge homes that looked like small hotels.