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7) Bernard Dukore, Playwright: Aspects of Shavian Drama (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1973), 64.
With the stage thus set for highbrow farce, the momentum kicks in, and the Elliotts allow their strong ensemble a degree of comic elbow room that's rare in the buttoned-down Shavian world.
This journal's last review of a Shaw Festival season praised the company's apparent "commitment to producing the full Shavian canon" (Thomas Leff, TJ 42:2 [1990]: 261).
Ralph Williams as Peacey, the firm's complicitous law clerk, came as close to Shavian comedy as the play permits.
Underscored by Oliver's expressions of fear as to her power, particularly her dedication to realizing ideals and her determination to "raise [Oliver] from the dead" (371), Susan emerges at the play's conclusion more a Shavian heroine, a Candida or Ann Whitefield in the service of that most practical of ideals, the life force.
In addition to presenting the show sans intermission, Schmidt, Pendleton and director Michael Halberstam hope to keep that tension intact through what Schmidt describes as "a very muscular adaptation that amplifies the sophistication with which Shaw explores relationships," while paring back those old Shavian flights of exposition.
James' performance as Juliet in the season opener was generally regarded as a disappointment, but she's grown a lot as an actress since then and also seems far more comfortable as a Shavian minx than as a Shakespearean heroine.
In the course of an over-long evening, Findley attempts to reinstate Gloriana as a woman of feeling and sentiment marooned in a kind of Shavian no man's land, where gender comes in for intense scrutiny along with concepts of total power - in the Renaissance sense of the all-powerful, manipulative Machiavellian prince.
Cecil got it right with Shavian and Dr Fong, who both overturned runners with Classic form in the 1990s, as did Chimes Of Freedom and Kissing Cousin in the fillies' equivalent Coronation Stakes.
The devil proceeds to shoot down every argument posed by the don with a barrage of Shavian one-liners.
For the Lithuanian, my first Shavian excerpt holds true both morally and politically.
As Frank says, "Nothing to be ashamed of in a Shavian joke
The general is classically Shavian, both amused and annoyed by the foolishness he sees all around him, and Windsor-Cunningham makes his judgments deliciously dry.
Naturally, he sacrifices nothing of the play's wit and if you are thinking, as I was, of Eliza Doolittle, it is the butler who does in fact make a sly Shavian reference to quantify what you may have been thinking.
He writes in an ever so slightly Shavian style which blends beautifully with Shaw's and enables him to start or complete Shaw's sentences or thoughts, or criticize them, as needed.