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The thematic clarity it affords extends to the complex characters that embody and deliver Shavian barbs: they too are seen in a natural, less complicated light, but this increased exposure brings with it an uncompromising perspective of such character's sharp edges.
Is there a more comprehensive argument, say, to be made here about the idiom of Shavian comedy, akin perhaps to Northrup Frye's structuralist theory of Shakespearean comedy and romance within which the movement to the "green space" across plays becomes a distinctive (if rarely congruent) step in the formula?
While Shaw and Feminisms has its weaknesses, it should first be stated without hesitation that this volume is essential reading for Shavians.
48) This exposed Charrington to further Shavian pressure over Stage Society reform but he was instead more interested in devising draft schemes for Fabian lectures on "Social Tendency in Modern Drama".
A gifted, sensitive Scottish-born leading actress, Deborah Kerr landed her breakthrough screen role in 1940 as a frightened Salvation Army worker in the fine, all-star adaptation of the potent Shavian satire Major Barbara.
Whenever a Shavian didacticism threatens to dominate, the Life Force itself engulfs the polemics and sweeps ideas back into the maelstrom of human experience.
Or Shavian Supermen might find it trivial, but I am as skeptical of the evolution of Shavian Supermen as of the evolution of creatures with uranium lymph nodes.
This being an early Shavian work -- and one of his designated ``pleasant'' plays -- things are going to end on an up note.
The Shavian alphabet, Esperanto, and the metric system should immediately spring to mind.
This can lead to edutainment titles that are examples of what Seymore Papert calls a Shavian Reversal, which is a genetics term referring to a situation where the offspring inherits the worst characteristics of both parents.
You know, my dear fellow, your books won't do"-- for some Shavian reason I have forgotten-- and so forth.
In a word, dialogue: Shakespearian dialogue, and later, when he moved on to the Shaw Festival, Shavian dialogue.
Despite the illogical, and patently irritating Johnson's "clumsy mandate," and the hitherto unsuccessful Shavian and other moves for simplified phonetic spelling, the enduring understanding is the requisite "confident familiarity" with acceptable spelling.
When words - brilliantly witty Shavian words, and lots of them - fail to do the job, Charteris schemes to hook Julia up with Dr.
In true Shavian spirit, Kennedy passed the gauntlet: 'Some men see things as they are and say, why; I dream things that never were and say, why not'.