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Also grown on the 17-acre lot are almonds, pecans, sharon fruit, apricots, walnuts and artichokes, with prickly pears, peppers, peaches and pineapple guava to come.
Tesco have an amorous fruit basket containing mini-pineapple, passion fruit and sharon fruit - all said to be sexual turn-ons.
The good news is that we expect significant increases in salads, Sharon fruit and citrus.
Youngsters at Cardiff's Grangetown Infants School had the chance to sample exotic varieties ranging from Sharon fruit to grenadillas.
Also good are oily fish, such as mackerel, salmon and sardines, meat (for iron), or if you don't eat meat, make sure you eat berries, figs, apricots and Sharon fruit.
But there is no shortage of Italians mixing with tourists at the Rialto Market, a lively, vibrant place where you can buy everything from fresh fish including ray, squid and salmon, to a huge selection of vegetables including vine tomatoes and artichokes, sharon fruit and pumpkins.
3) Try and introduce a new fruit or vegetable whenever you go to the supermarket - I'm now hooked on sharon fruit.
It's a great experience to try things I've never tried before like the sharon fruit which I like.
He has also started branching out into Sharon fruit because of what he sees as the consequences of global warming during his three decades on the farm.
Researchers at Tesco have discovered that sales of the delicately-flavoured orange-coloured Sharon fruit are suffering because the name is linked to images of white stilettos, Ford Escort XR3i cars and Thames Estuary accents.
Product sectors involved in the initiative cover tomatoes, peppers, grapes, cherries, melons and Sharon fruit.
We put the Sharon fruit challenge to pupils at Abingdon Primary School in Middlesbrough.
The retailer is also looking at other opportunities in exotics, said Muid, with sharon fruit looking a likely candidate.
Peel and cut 2 golden kiwi fruit, 1 pawpaw (seeded), 1 sharon fruit (washed) and 1 mango (stoned) into wedges.
Wash, peel (if you like), halve, core and slice the sharon fruit.