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the code of law derived from the Koran and from the teachings and example of Mohammed

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Careem's mission is to simplify and improve the lives of people in the region, and I am excited to be working on Dukkan Careem to help make this vision a reality," said Shariat.
Muslim women felt that if the Shariat were in force instead of customary law, their rights to property, inheritance, and choice in marriage would be affirmed.
How then can this be brought under Shariat,'' he asked.
The Federal Shariat Court and Parliament Lodges have also faced the brunt of the SNGPL action for being defaulters of Rs224,000 and Rs770,000, respectively.
32 All these, thus, resulted in the momentum for the activities and spread of the TNSM and the demand for the enforcement of Shariat, which also caused an upsurge in 1994: in Swat.
A Shariat Appellate Bench comprising Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan, Justice Mahmood Akhtar Shahid Siddiqui, Justice Mian Saqib Nisar and Justice Dr Muhammad Al-Ghazali issued notices after conducting hearing of a plea filed by Mazhar Alam and others through Dr M Aslam Khaki.
ISLAMABAD, May 20 -- The Shariat Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court on Wednesday issued notices to President Asif Ali Zardari and other legal heirs of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto in a case involving the transfer of assets worth billions of rupees.
The regional government of Pakistan's North West Frontier Province (NWFP) has been in negotiations with Maulana Sufi Muhammad, leader of the Tahrik-e-Nifaz Shariat Muhammadi group.
Announcing that Isfahan`s amusement park will be the greatest among its counterparts in the Middle East, Shariat said that the Chinese side believes that the design of the park is special and unique.
Rokneddin Shariat, business support network co-ordinator at Business Link, part of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said: 'All our research and day-to-day contact with businesses indicate that crime is the top priority.
Even if an attack was carried out, it would not cause much damage to the people of Afghanistan,'' Omar said in a statement broadcast Wednesday night by the Tabiban's Shariat Radio.
According to a report on the Voice of Shariat radio station, the letter also suggested that the UN would be violating its own rules and charter if it denied permission for the flights.
Pakistan's Catholic bishops opposed the measure and the government's claim that religious minorities do not object to the enforcement of Shariat (Islamic law).
The case went to the High Court in a legal system that is a mix of British common law and Islamic Shariat law.
Federal Shariat Courts were constituted by General Ziaul Haq and the judges of these courts held office at his pleasure.