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an African river that flows northwest into Lake Chad

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Guided by main global Shari ah adviser, the Shariyah Review Bureau that will supply consultancy and audit backing to CBI Al Islami will provide a suite of corporate banking items catering to its customers fiscal requirements and needs.
The pair have been friends for more than 25 years after meeting in Glasgow in the 1980s when Ross was a budding radio DJ on Radio Clyde and Shari managed a nightclub.
The salon has six hairdressing stations and the new owners are looking to build up a team of highly skilled independent professional hairstylists to work alongside Shari and Kim.
Shari Harley shares the real-life stories of people who have struggled to get what they want at work from her book How To Say Anything to Anyone.
Goodnet supports Shari Arison's announcement earlier this year of a link with Be Viacom's MTV to encourage its millions of viewers from 40 countries across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region (EMEA) to do something good, be it large or small, for the benefit of others on this year's International Good Deeds day.
STARTING UP Shari Kelly of The Refurbished Furniture Company with Graeme Trotter of Go Wansbeck
The participants were between 22- and 26-years old during the study, and they are referred to by the pseudonyms Becca, Shari, Laura and Stella.
Shari Belafonte is spending most of her time these days behind the camera -- a major shift from when she was a cast regular on ABC's "Hotel" and a model appearing on the cover of more than 300 magazines.
After a much-publicized feud with son Brent Redstone, the 84-year-old Viacom chief is exiling his daughter, Shari, whom many expected to take over the reins after Redstone retires.
Written by Shari Becker and illustrated by Nicole Wong, Maxwell's Mountain (a Junior Library Guild Selection) is the story of a young boy who prepares and trains himself to climb to the top of a rocky mountain near his home.
Matt And Shari Great Weekend Projects by Shari Hiller and Matt Fox is an impressive compendium of fun ideas and easy-to-follow instructions for the innovative, do-it-yourself interior design projects.
Shari Darling devotes her considerable experience and expertise (she is a contributor to "Food & Beverage International" magazine) to layout "breakthrough principles" of food and wine pairings in a true celebration of multicultural cuisines, abetted by easy cooking techniques and the use of fresh ingredients.
AMERICAN SPLENDOR, Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini's tatty, tender, volatile, and, yes, splendid biopic of Harvey Pekar, takes its name from the series of underground comic books that Pekar began publishing in 1976.
One exception is Shari Goodstein, executive director of Goodstein Equities, a licensed residential real estate brokerage.