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small farmers and tenants

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Talking to BSS, a BB senior official said women are playing a new role in the family and farming as over 80 percent borrowers of the BB's sharecropper refinance scheme are women.
The sharecroppers had come together to unionize in order to get better payments for their cotton crops.
Jones, a twentieth-century black woman and the daughter of sharecroppers, who dedicated herself to hard work and single motherhood (the man she married turned out to have a weak work ethic, and she quickly divorced him for it).
The most vulnerable groups are the landless households, the sharecroppers and the smallholders, as well as the medium land holders in the most vulnerable zones.
observed that unpaid labour could also be employed by landlords as a tactic to resist the perceived accesses of sharecroppers and to pressurize him/her to perform better.
Danny Strong's screenplay spans decades of American history and hits all the right bases (the Kennedy and King assassinations, Vietnam war protests, the civil-rights movement) as it follows Cecil Gaines, a son of African-American sharecroppers who ended up serving in the White House under seven presidents.
Histories of black farmers tend to concentrate on dependent farm laborers, sharecroppers, and tenants and ignore equally complicated stories of black land-owning farm families.
He was the son of Arkansas sharecroppers, a combat infantryman in the Korean War, mayor of Concord, Calif.
HARDEST HIT IN THE FLOODS of 1927 and 1937 were subsistence farmers and sharecroppers, who made up the bulk of the refugees who poured into Marianna, Forrest City and Memphis.
So where did the energy come from to send hundreds of sharecroppers to the Registrar's door steps, day after day, month after month--in spite of threats and people dying?
Lalan said it was in the interest of both the farmers and the sharecroppers that the age- old tradition of sharecropping be allowed to continue.
This New Deal agency hired a small band of photographers to take pictures of Mexican migrant workers, African American sharecroppers, and Dust Bowl refugees.
Mainly sugarcane sharecroppers, they attempt not to eke out a living, but merely to survive each passing season.
King, there are no two finer representatives of the genre that originated in the fields of the Deep South and migrated North with the cotton pickers and sharecroppers.