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index based on a statistical compilation of the share prices of a number of representative stocks

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Market Index 6th worksheet: Table and Graphs of yearly market share index which shows the percent growth of the companies since 2006.
Saudi Arabia's share index opened slightly higher on Saturday on the back of signs of relief in Egypt after President Hosni Mubarak's 30 years of autocratic rule ended.
The Western Mail Welsh Share Index 2,050 1,850 1,650 1,450 1,250 24 Nov 10 27 Nov 10 30 Nov 10 03 Dec 10 06 Dec 10 09 Dec 10 12 Dec 10 15 Dec 10 18 Dec 01 21 Dec 10 24 Dec 10 27 Dec 10 30 Dec 10 02 Jan 11 05 Jan 11 08 Jan 11 11 Jan 11 14 Jan 11 17 Jan 11 20 Jan 11 23 Jan 11 Index started on March 13 2002 at level of 1000 in association with THE Western Mail share index, in association with Admiral , Amerisur Resources, Anglesey, Bailey(C.
One is the cross-listing Hang Seng H-Shares ETF which provides local investors the market exposure of H share index explicitly.
THE Securities and Exchange Commission will investigate activity in the market that caused the Dow Jones share index to drop 9% at one point on Thursday.
The fund places investments in shares of Baltic companies, and the fund's share index reflects the market valuation of the share portfolio as a whole.
Summary: The Bahrain All Share Index ended the month of August on a positive note when compared to July, closing at 1,517.
A MOST share-based investments will have some level of risk, but a tracker fund that follows the performance of a share index like the FTSE all-share index can reduce the risk involved.
The mystery punter is now nervously hoping for a rise in the FTSE 100 - the prestige share index nicknamed the Footsie.
Sri Lanka stocks ended higher Thursday in the wake of the dissolution of parliament earlier in the day, with the benchmark All Share Index gaining 29 points, or 6.
To illustrate the momentous westward shift of the United States population in the past 100 years, a measure called a state population share index was created.
ca), an independent oil and gas exploration company, announced today that the Company's common stock has been accepted for listing and has begun public trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) and with the DAX Share Index, its benchmark index of securities.
All 43 listed stocks (realizing velocities greater than one per cent during the 12 months of the review) remain in QE All Share Index (& related sector index)calculation as of 1 April 2015.
LONDON, Rabi'I 13, 1435, Jan 14, 2014, SPA -- Britain's top share index retreated from a two-month closing high on Tuesday, tracking steep losses on Wall Street, with concerns about the fourth-quarter earnings season hurting cyclical sectors such as financials, Reuters reported.
Summary: Britain's leading share index ticked higher in early deals on Thursday, steadying after sharp falls in the previous session, as investors digested another hefty batch of blue chip earnings reports.