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index based on a statistical compilation of the share prices of a number of representative stocks

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In a frictionless market, arbitrage ensures that the price of a share price index (SPI) futures contract is equal to the accumulated value of the spot price less the deferred value of all dividends paid on the shares comprising the index.
Both banks are included in the TA-25 share price index.
Although the share price index hovered between 7,616 points and 8,237 over the past few two months, domestic life insurers have increased investment in the domestic bourse.
oADX performed well in comparison with other Middle East exchanges even though the share price index lost 47 per cent,o Healy told Khaleej Times.
The first positive contribution from new house building for over a year and a weakening of the negative influence from the FTSE non-financials share price index also helped push up the indicator, it said.
Colombo, July 30 -- The positive momentum continued to close All Share Price Index (ASPI) near 200 points up and Milanka Price Index (MPI) near 150 points up on Friday the 29 July 2011.
Colombo, July 21 -- Colombo Stock Indices fluctuated during market hours on Wednesday the 20 July 2011 to close All Share Price Index (ASPI) in green and Milanka Price Index (MPI) in red.
The recent additions to the stock market, Softlogic Holdings (SHL) along with Vallibel One (VONE) attracted the investors to help All Share Price Index (ASPI) gain and boosted the turnover.
Colombo, July 13 -- Colombo Stock Indices took yet another dip on Tuesday the 12 July 2011 to settle at new lows, the lowest since January 2011 for All Share Price Index (ASPI), and September 2010 for Milanka Price Index (MPI).
Colombo, June 25 -- Colombo All Share Price Index (ASPI) and Milanka price Index (MPI) fell 157 and 162 points respectively during the week possibly due to forced selling.
Colombo, June 22 -- Colombo All Share Price Index (ASPI) closed below 7,000 points after early January amidst selling pressure witnessed across the board, although buying was witnessed to a certain extent during early trading.
Colombo, June 21 -- Colombo All Share Price Index (ASPI) gained over 50 points during early trading, taking the momentum from last Friday.