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The objective, counterparty, and contribution are clearly different between the ASE's tender offer and the share exchange with Hon Hai.
affected by the implementation of the proposed share exchange agreement
Amount of Reduced Capital Reserve: 247,647,812,521 yen, equivalent to the amount of Capital Reserve which increased as a result of the Share Exchange
Announced today, immediately preceding the share exchange transaction, ISC closed a private placement of its capital stock, receiving approximately $11.
In conjunction to this resolution, the two companies signed a share exchange contract on the same day.
Also, if the implied per share consideration for each share of FNIS common stock falls below a floor of $19, FNF has the right to adjust the share exchange ratio to maintain an implied $19 per share consideration for each share of FNIS common stock.
Also, shares of SANYO are scheduled to be delisted as of March 29, 2011 (the last trading date of the shares is scheduled to be March 28, 2011), which is prior to the effective date (April 1, 2011 (scheduled)) of the Share Exchange.
First, the implied price of SPIL's shares to be issued in the Hon Hai Share Exchange (if calculated based on Hon Hai pre-dividend share price NT$88.
Millipore expects to announce this date no later than the third Business Day after the effective date of the share exchange and (ii) the "Fundamental Change Repurchase Date," which Millipore will announce within twenty (20) Business Days after the consummation of the share exchange (the "Make-Whole Conversion Period").
All of these transactions are subject to satisfaction of due diligence investigations by all of the parties, Strasbaugh (through CTK) completing an equity financing in the amount of approximately $20 million immediately following the closing of the share exchange, execution of the share exchange agreement by all of the shareholders of Strasbaugh, approval by CTK's shareholders holding a majority of the outstanding shares of CTK common stock and certain other additional conditions to closing.
The Share Exchange is scheduled for April 1, 2010, pending approval of the agreement on February 26 at SPC Electronics' three separate shareholders' meetings: the extraordinary meeting of shareholders, class shareholders' meeting of shareholders with common stock and with class B preferred stock.
As a result of the share exchange, Yucatan Holding Company will own 784,131 shares of common stock, representing approximately 30% of the total common stock to be outstanding, and all of the preferred stock to be outstanding.
SBIET) announced today that SBIH and SBIET have signed a basic agreement with regard to the proposed share exchange agreement to make SBIET a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBIH, subject to approval by both shareholders.
Ltd (hereinafter "TDS")have entered into a Share Exchange Agreement on November 15, 2004 in accordance with the resolutions of the boards of directors of both companies dated the same date and the Memorandum of Understanding executed on September 27, 2004.
and Nikko Cordial Corporation have amended the definitive share exchange agreement signed by Citigroup Japan Holdings Ltd.