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The completion of the share exchange transaction permits the company to scale its business and bring its technology to market, said Dan Kennedy, CEO and co-founder of Echo.
In addition, shares of Panasonic Electric Works are scheduled to be delisted as of 29 March 2011 (the last trading date of the shares is scheduled to be 28 March 2011) which is prior to the scheduled effective date (1 April 2011) of the Share Exchange.
As a result of the Share Exchange, Pioneer will be the wholly owning parent company of Tohoku Pioneer as of the effective date of October 1, 2007 and the common stock of Tohoku Pioneer which will be a wholly-owned subsidiary will be delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange on September 25, 2007 (the final date of trading will be September 21, 2007) in accordance with the criteria for delisting of stock of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
As a result of the share exchange transaction, ISC's shareholders, including participants in its private offering, were issued 33,111,502 shares of BTHC's common stock in exchange for their shares of ISC.
Purpose of Making SANYO a Wholly-owned Subsidiary of Panasonic through the Share Exchange
2016 to conduct a share exchange (the "Share Exchange") in order to make the Tender Offeror the wholly owing parent company after the share exchange and the Target Company a wholly owned subsidiary after the share exchange, and both companies have executed the Share Exchange Agreement.
In addition, shares of SANYO are scheduled to be delisted as of 29 March 2011 (the last trading date of the shares is scheduled to be 28 March 2011), which is prior to the effective date (1 April 2011) of the share exchange.
If the share exchange transaction were to occur on July 14, 2010, then the conversion rate applicable to Notes surrendered during the Make-Whole Conversion Period would be 11.
Note 1) The specific amount of Capital Reserve which increased as a result of the Share Exchange was determined as 247,647,812,521 yen as a result of calculation in accordance with applicable rules (Article 39 of the Ordinance on Accounting of Companies), based on the market value of the Company s shares delivered in consideration for the Share Exchange.
TOKYO -- Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503)(hereafter Mitsubishi Electric) and SPC Electronics Corporation (TOKYO: 6818)(hereafter SPC Electronics) announced today that they have concluded a share exchange agreement (hereafter the Share Exchange) after respective corporate decisions to have SPC Electronics become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric.
following the successful completion of their share exchange, it was announced by Citi and Nikko Cordial Corporation today.
SBIET) announced today that SBIH and SBIET have signed a basic agreement with regard to the proposed share exchange agreement to make SBIET a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBIH, subject to approval by both shareholders.
and Nikko Cordial Corporation have amended the definitive share exchange agreement signed by Citigroup Japan Holdings Ltd.
and Nikko Cordial Corporation have signed a definitive share exchange agreement to reflect the final terms of the previously announced share exchange transaction in which Nikko Cordial will become a 100%-owned subsidiary of Citi.
84 shares of common stock of IIJ per 1 share of common stock of IIJ-Tech will be issued to be allocated to the shareholders listed on the shareholder list of IIJ-Tech on the day before the agreement for the share exchange becomes effective (May 10, 2007) excluding IIJ (holding 43,805 shares of common stock of IIJ-Tech).