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United States astronomer (1885-1972)

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Roth and Shapley will receive the prize, consisting of a Nobel diploma, a gold medal and 8.
Shapley value provides a more equitable distribution of rewards among the players in a coalition (Owens, 1982).
The Shapley value is used to divide the surplus from cooperation.
For this painting, see Fern Rusk Shapley, Paintings from the Samuel H.
THE APPLE-SHAPED FIGURE: Typical Apples have a fuller face and neck, broad shoulders, a fuller bust, a fuller, undefined waist, narrow hips and shapley legs.
For examples of ad hoc application of Shapley value in apportioning risk loads, see Mango (1998) and Powers (2007).
Additionally, as the Russian mathematician Bondavera (1963) and Shapley (1967) have shown, the core exists if and only of the characteristic function is balanced (Bondavera-Shapley-theorem).
Proposals such as installing webcams in factories would be too difficult to implement, says Dole marketing manager, Giles Shapley.
The story details the contributions made by not only Edwin Hubble but also the many talented and scientists working behind the scenes, including Henrietta Leavitt, Vesto Slipher, Georges Lemaitre, Milton Humason, and Harlow Shapley.
Curtis (8) and Harlow Shapley, (9) in the early 1920s, as to whether or not the Milky Way, of which the solar system is a part, was the entire universe.
Harvard astronomer Harlow Shapley was one of them, remarking that he subscribed to its ideas "almost in toto.
Shapley value allocations, described to the subjects in terms of average incremental costs, are used.
He insulted Michael Shapley, 21, who did not retaliate and tried to calm things down, prosecutor David Lamb told Teesside Crown Court yesterday.
Lauritzen is survived by his wife, Janice; children, Eric and Ridi; and sisters, Hallie Spence and Karen Shapley.