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Synonyms for shame

Synonyms for shame

a great disappointment or regrettable fact

to cause to feel embarrassment, dishonor, and often guilt


to damage in reputation

Synonyms for shame

a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt

an unfortunate development


Related Words

bring shame or dishonor upon

compel through a sense of shame

surpass or beat by a wide margin

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Her response to the shamers regarding how the trolling only made her more proud and how she was immune to such comments since childhood had won the Internet.
already know how to ruin a good time, and now you are body shamers as well.
At seven percent, dads were the least likely to be shamers.
Vox sided solidly with the profit shamers, declaring: "We are the only developed nation that lets drugmakers set their own prices, maximizing profits the same way sellers of chairs, mugs, shoes, or any other manufactured goods would.
A year later, the Bloomberg Mayors (with its own share of criminal Hall of Shamers, but that's another story) bought another Super Bowl ad, that time to go after NRA.
A central concern here is that shamers don't fully grasp the power of this medium which is much more far reaching compared to traditional word of mouth, and the factor of online anonymity prevents those responsible from being held accountable.
The Shamers come with a warning sign: "Do Not Touch: High Revoltage.
Think the skinny shamers need to be shushed--or is there much more to this weighty issue?
We feel that offering a place for women who lead such a lifestyle to self-identify as sluts does not disrespect them --indeed, the disrespecting is done by the rapists, the victim blamers who excuse the rape, and the slut shamers who say or imply they are disgracing, degrading, and dishonoring themselves.
Current shamers and embarrassers are Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.
300) But the deeply democratic nature of shaming in international law is also one of its great difficulties: in many cases, the shamers are no different from the shamed.
32) Cross-dressing, a tool of protest, became in state hands a form of punishment to shame the would-be shamers for inciting disorder.
American culture is a curious mix of the shameless and the shamers," Stein argues, "a seemingly endless parade of Pamela Andersons and Jerry Falwells strutting their stuff and wagging their fingers.
Almost nobody arrives at shame on their own; there are shamers and shamees.
The shameless generally do not make successful shamers.