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an economic condition that results in the elimination of marginally financed participants in an industry

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Unlike conventional rotary shakeouts that, lift and drop castings, the Barrel Horse action allows castings to swim in the sand, constantly blending via vibratory motion.
For more than 25 years, Didion International has been a leading supplier of shakeout and materials handling systems and equipment--with more than700 machines in 42 countries worldwide.
The GMBOND[R] Sand Binder from Hormel Foods Corporation is a protein-based sand binder that helps foundries reduce the costs associated with shakeout, sand reclamation and emission compliance.
Its patented design overcomes maintenance problems and sand carryover associated with vibratory shakeouts.
Shakeout studies show that GMBOND[R] maintains better collapsibility.
Shakeout systems are improving mold sand separation while gentle conveying action protects casting quality.
Two-mass high-frequency shakeouts and core knockout machines.
New demands for casting and sand cooling, moisture addition or removal, sand reclaiming, grinding and milling, mold compaction, shakeout and conveying have been answered in scores of innovative systems conceived and engineered by General Kinematics.
Often an orphan in the scheme of product flow planning, too many foundries pay scant attention to routing a casting through shakeout, cleaning and finishing.
In the majority of foundries where casting shakeout occurs as soon as castings are removed from the mold, sand removal provides an opportunity to improve and shorten casting cooling rates and maintain consistent molding sand quantity and quality.
The vibrating drum achieves exceptional operating efficiency and end product consistency for a number of applications including shakeout, lump reduction, blending, separation, agglomeration and many more.
Typical applications include shakeout, shotblasting, riser removal, sorting and grinding.
In our view, 1990 will not be as bad as many now fear, but will nonetheless return us to the days of "economic vulnerability", a time when talk of shakeout and recession is strong.
The use of high frequency shakeouts should be considered for the following reasons:
Rotary drum shakeouts are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with high-pressure flaskless molding systems.