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The global sexually transmitted diseases drug market can be segmented on the basis of disease type, therapy class, distribution channel, and region.
The true incidence of sexually transmitted infection (STI) is not known because of inadequate reporting and secrecy.
The study found that rectal sexually transmitted diseases were more prevalent, at nearly 13 percent, than urethral ones, at nearly 4 percent.
This document, entitled a Request for Qualifications for Physician Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic, is issued by the City of Elizabeth Department of Health and Human Services.
This disease is sexually transmitted but can be cured easily.
Although most sexually transmitted infections will not cause serious harm, some can lead to major health problems, such as infertility.
Sexually transmitted infections are infections that are spread primarily through person-to-person sexual contact.
Chlamydia is the most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection and around one in 10 young people test positive.
Questionnaires completed by patients aged 12-20 years at an outpatient clinic showed that most of them did not recognize hepatitis B or C as sexually transmitted infections (see graphic), and 46% did not know that symptoms of sexually transmitted infections are less likely to appear in males than in females.
Although 93% correctly identified HIV/AIDS as a sexually transmitted infection, 91% incorrectly said that it is the only serious STI.
Almost half (45%) thought that birth control methods besides condoms could prevent sexually transmitted infection, and a majority of the cohort reported inconsistent condom use, Dr.
Scientists have taken a first read of the genetic sequence of the organism responsible for a sexually transmitted infection called trichomoniasis.
Abstinence needs to be included in sex education classes, the state policy says, and described as the only 100 percent effective method of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
Study participants were recruited during the summer and fall of 2002 from among enrollees in the Baltimore-based Perceived Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (PRSTD) cohort study.
Genital herpes is recognized as a key health concern in the US where it is one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted diseases.
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