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Lessons learned during the establishment of the MHSP in Liberia might inform the planning and implementation of future semen testing programs for other sexually transmissible diseases.
Although the use of contraceptives like condoms intend to address government concerns over the spread of sexually transmissible diseases as well as unwanted pregnancies, the Gloria Arroyo administration has been very careful about endorsing its use for fear of a backlash from the conservative Roman Catholic Church.
DISEASE DANGERS A frightening specter looms over the entire business of selling sex--the possibility of contracting and spreading AIDS and other sexually transmissible diseases.
Clinicians and educators alike seek to understand the associations between forced sex and depression, substance abuse, suicide, and sexually transmissible diseases.
Melbourne: National Centre in HIV Social Research, Centre for the Study of Sexually Transmissible Diseases, La Trobe University; 1998.
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