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(psychoanalysis) a Freudian term for sexual urge or desire

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The girl has a strong sexual appetite and especially over the phone.
if the couple decides to abstain from sex during the fertile window, they are given the opportunity to practice self-possession in the area of the sexual appetite -- our most powerful internal drive.
One LRB ad says, "Bald, short, fat, and ugly male, 53, seeks shortsighted woman with tremendous sexual appetite.
The 81-year-old British actor, a longtime UNICEF ambassador, added: "I can hardly imagine a more shameful violation of the rights of children as the deliberate exploitation of their bodies by unscrupulous adults to serve their sexual appetite.
Judge Philip Hughes, sitting at Mold Crown Court, told 50-year-old Glen Paul Boswell he had a depraved and perverted sexual appetite.
Hormones--especially testosterone--play a critical role in maintaining a healthy body and a healthy sexual appetite.
He described her as insatiable with a big sexual appetite, and adventurous and flirtatious when she had been drinking.
The feeling would eat away at my desire until there was no sexual appetite left.
Kinsey was a promiscuous sado-masochistic bisexual," charges CWA's Bob Knight, "who tailored his research to validate his sexual appetite.
BACK in 1966, charming rogue Michael Caine whiled away the hours pursuing a bevy of 'birds' including Shelley Winters, Millicent Martin, Jane Asher and Shirley Ann Field, getting his meals cooked, his clothes ironed and his sexual appetite satisfied en route.
Toback spends the film's first half hour letting us know that New York City daddy's girl Vera (Campbell) has a large and varied sexual appetite as well as expert skills with her shower massager.
His daughter had an insatiable sexual appetite and committed suicide at 32.
Other Umbrella highlights were the stunning South African soloist Vincent Mantsoe, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's brave, engaging anti-war solo Once, to the music of loan Baez, and the Czech-Italian company Deja Donne in a vital study of sexual appetite and humiliation titled In Bella Copia.
Researchers say there is excitement because the experimental testosterone skin patch increased the sex drive, sexual appetite and the intensity of orgasms of women who participated in a study.
The film lays bare Frida's sexual appetite - enjoying extra-marital affairs with Leon Trotsky among others - and her struggle to express herself through her painting.
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