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attractiveness on the basis of sexual desire

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This means that our results present a more accurate picture of what happens when someone sees an ad with a sexual appeal.
In total, almost 65% of all sexters within this sample reported two main reasons for sending a sext: (1) sexual appeal motivations or (2) relationship maintenance motivations.
As just noted, part of this reduction in female sexual appeal was attributed to a reduction of sexual desire among those using hormonal methods, making sex with them less exciting for their partner.
I used to get so much affirmation from things that don''t really matter, like how I look and my sexual appeal.
Gratuitousness of a sexual appeal can stem both from its explicitness as well as its irrelevance.
The theme of class rebellion is grafted onto Zola's political attack on this regime, since Nana, born in the gutter in the year the Second Empire was established, uses her sexual appeal to avenge her lowly origins on a decadent aristocracy.
Kaplan provides no source notes or other evidence for the details he presents in this initial meeting, as though viewing Gardner's sexual appeal as the only verification necessary.
Hawass says what he has seen in the serial so far has nothing whatsoever to do with Cleopatra, the beautiful woman who conquered the world's most powerful men with her irresistible sexual appeal.
I'll never understand the sexual appeal of interns.
The unrelenting emphasis on physical attributes and sexual appeal over intellect and character results in the routine humiliation of older female celebrities on an almost daily basis.
pounds 15 from La Senza Pink 'Moira' gathered tulle balcony bra, pounds 20 and gathered tulle thong, pounds 8 - both from Debenhams, Reger by Janet Reger Charnos backseam tights have all the sexual appeal of sheers, fishnets and hold-ups with the added detail of a patterned backseam.
This inflected his physical presence, producing a sexual appeal which was aestheticized and beautiful.
Further, they are socialized to believe that their power and worth arc primarily based upon their sexual appeal.
The menopausal meltdown Myrtle is going through is too vaguely attributed to "aging"--in the old-timey sense of a woman's sexual appeal to men--with little reference to the waning of mental and creative powers that would certainly matter to a modern career woman and artist of her stature.
The black singer unashamedly traded on his "exotic" sexual appeal and had many affairs, one of which lasted 30 years with Edwina Mountbatten, wife of Lord Louis Mountbatten.