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Synonyms for unchaste

not chaste or moral

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not chaste

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Benefo KD, The determinants of the duration of postpartum sexual abstinence in West Africa: a multilevel analysis, Demography, 1995, 32(2):139-157.
Descriptive analyses induded frequency of sexual behaviours and reasons for sexual abstinence, with their 95% confidence intervals.
Feasibility and acceptability of sexual abstinence for interruption of HIV transmission among individuals with acute infection--formative data from CHAVI 011.
Unite/CPHVA lead professional officer Obi Amadi was speaking after a private member's Bill passed its first reading in Parliament, which would require schools to give 13- to 16-year old girls 10minute extra sex education on the benefits of sexual abstinence.
TEENAGE girls should be taught the benefits of sexual abstinence, MPs were told.
He said: "I'm not one of those sportsmen who practises a strict policy of sexual abstinence before playing.
The federal government has been in the teen pregnancy prevention business for three decades with almost all the money going for programs that taught only sexual abstinence.
There was no significant intervention effect on sexual abstinence.
9-11) Few prevention programs or clinical guidelines take into account the varying patterns of sexual abstinence among sexually experienced adolescent women.
The findings are however comparable to the high rate of sexual abstinence among younger adolescents in the Soroti district of Uganda, where the proportion of 13- and 14-year-olds reporting that they had abstained rose to 95% among boys and 98% among girls (Green 2003b).
Raising sexually pure kids"; sexual abstinence, conservative Christians and American politics.
The Vatican encourages sexual abstinence to fight the spread of the disease.
According to a Government Accountability Office study ordered by Congress and released in October 2007, not only were students who took part in sexual abstinence programs just as likely to have sex as those who did not, many such programs were called out for teaching kids medically inaccurate information about condoms and HIV.
In the first years of the twenty-first century" we are told, "the Religious Right, while maintaining a homophobic platform, has been more concerned with wallowing in the miseries of heterosexuality" and advancing the cause of sexual abstinence at home and, more recently, abroad.
However, even the chastity movement discovered early on that it wasn't enough to stress the "positive lifestyle" aspect of sexual abstinence.