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And he sensationally claimed a football ace suffered alcohol poisoning this year, a World Cup player had been riddled with sex diseases - including chlamydia - and a top singer is having psychiatric help.
Dr David Kirrage, regional epidemiologist for the West Midlands Health Protection Agency, blames the rise in sex diseases on changes in sexual behaviour and inadequate sex advice.
It's difficult to talk about sex diseases with ex-lovers, particularly if you had a bad break-up but you must let them know.
Chemist Lloydspharmacy released the figures to raise awareness of sex diseases.
THE number of people suffering from sex diseases could be TEN times higher than official figures suggest, one of the country's leading doctors has revealed.
NEARLY 20,000 teenagers are suffering from syphilis and gonorrhoea as an epidemic of sex diseases sweeps Britain's schools.
THE alarming increase in sex diseases must come as a wakeup call to all those involved in promoting the health message.
The alert over sex diseases was issued although full figures for last year have yet to be compiled.
SEX diseases and teenage pregnancies are soaring in Northern Ireland, the Daily Mirror can reveal.
And the older generation shouldn't be complacent - sex diseases are on the rise among the over-40s.