brown trout

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speckled trout of European rivers

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The River Towy, which is the longest river in Wales, is a great sewin river.
The Ceredigion angler used a Rapala to catch his sewin in the river's Mill Pool.
Sewin Mousse Serves six Ingredients 400g (14oz) sewin skinned Six slices smoked salmon cut into strips 100ml (4fl oz) double cream Method Lay a double layer of cling film on the work area and arrange the strips of salmon on it to create a rectangle 10cm (four inches) wide by 20cm (eight inches) deep.
Since 2009, it has been illegal to sell rod-caught salmon and sewin (sea trout) in England and Wales, and all fish caught by licensed net fishers must have a carcass tag attached to show the fish have come from a legitimate source.
Sewin is, in fact, a fish, known more prosaically as sea trout but so-called, apparently, by the Welsh.
Add cooked sewin strips and serve sprinkled with chopped parsley and crusty bread.
As much as I like a fresh sewin being the centrepiece of my evening meal, I think that this year every sewin I catch will be returned.
As the salmon and sewin (sea trout) spawning season gets under way, Environment Agency Wales officers are trying to deter criminals.
Now Carmarthen Coracle Association is donating the sewin, a sea trout, in the hope of further boosting the fund The 14lb creature was caught by fisherman Andrew Davies and his fishing partner, Matthew Dagnall, on Monday night.
The Celtic Sea Trout Project aims to discover more about the life and pressures on the sewin in the Irish Sea and in rivers and estuaries across Wales and Ireland.
In Mid Wales, the late Malcolm Edwards of Aberystwyth was recognised as the doyen of sewin anglers on the Rheidol and other rivers.
In the past week one of Wales' greatest delicacies has just arrived: sewin.
My first visit to the Conwy occurred many years ago, when I had been invited to try my skills on some of the excellent sewin pools on Gwydr Hotel Water.
NEW byelaws introduced earlier this year by the Welsh Assembly Government and Environment Agency Wales will protect the futures of traditional net fishermen and the salmon and sewin (sea trout) they rely on.
A river which has always treated me kindly is the Towy - arguably one of the best sewin rivers in the UK.