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a waste pipe that carries away sewage or surface water

misfortune resulting in lost effort or money

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Existing sewers would be abandoned in place and capped or filled with a cement grout.
I live in a house where the sewer from several neighbouring houses feeds into it and runs through our land and out to connect to the main sewer in the road.
The Water Industry (Scheme for Adoption of Private Sewers) Regulations 2011 implemented a major change in the responsibility for, and ownership of, private sewers and lateral drains.
Plumbers and sewer utilities have traditionally used closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to inspect sewers.
The sewers have been specifically designed with escape overflow pipes so that the mixture of sewage and stormwater doesn't back up into buildings, including homes.
If the sewer must be built, Nelson said, it should serve the entire canyon and not just the college and houses in two new tracts on Placeritos Boulevard and Aden Avenue, which all have dry sewers.
In addition, the sewer's design, like that of most gravity sewers, allowed for a certain amount of leakage.
New Sewers Help Design First-of-Its-Kind Product Line Now Available Worldwide
In addition to conveying flows from the project area, new customers would be able to connect along the new sewers described below.
Like many developers in the Valley's booming outskirts, the builder had neglected to pay for sewers or street lights.
STAR(TM) runs cable through the existing underground sewers, permitting the placement of fiber cable up to eight to ten times faster and one third to two thirds cheaper than traditional excavation methods.
8 million project implemented for the design and construction of new sanitary sewers along Sullivan Avenue, Norice Street and Woodroffe Avenue.
New federal laws require cities to regulate what is dumped into their sewers.
OFFSITE: Sewer pipe is being installed along Kings Highway to connect subdivision sewers to county central sewerage system.
This year, the Valley will get $40 million in Federal Emergency Management Administration funds to fix sewers damaged in the Northridge Quake, which will make up nearly all the funds it will get under the city's capital sanitation budget.