Seward Peninsula

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a peninsula in western Alaska that projects westward into the Bering Sea just below the Arctic Circle

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Nome is the regional hub for the Seward Peninsula and western Alaska.
To make comparisons between sympatric and allopatric population samples, and to broadly encompass any geographic genetic variation, we chose roughly half the sampled birds of each species from the Seward Peninsula (where they occur in sympatry) and half from areas away from the Seward Peninsula (Fig.
Local accounts of excessive tooth breakage (all moose >7 years old had broken incisiform teeth) and enamel defects in a declining moose population on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska raise special concern (Smith 1992, Rozell 2003, Stimmelmayr et al.
Part IV investigates potential legal liabilities and duties associated with reindeer and caribou competition on the Seward Peninsula among federal, state, and tribal sovereigns.
Understanding the hardships faced and the lives of those early nomads is probably impossible today The ability to control fire, and the use of hides for clothing and shelter, allowed humans to migrate from Earth's middle latitudes throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Indonesian Archipelago, Australia, and Asia--areas that already had human populations when the voyagers first crossed the land bridge onto what is now the Seward Peninsula.
Bering Straits is the regional corporation for Alaska's wind-swept Seward Peninsula and for St.
The 86-kilometer-wide Bering Strait, between Alaska's Seward Peninsula and Siberia's Chukchi Peninsula, is normally a watery highway for the ice flowing north and south with the winds and currents.
The property is located in western, Alaska, at the east edge of the Seward Peninsula, approximately 240km east-northeast of Nome, and approximately 640 km west of Fairbanks.
1 million acres of surface and subsurface estate of land that includes the coastal lands of eastern Norton Sound and the majority of the Seward Peninsula.
Body size (incisor arcade width of adult moose) and body condition index (timing of tooth eruption in yearlings) of the Seward Peninsula population were compared to other Alaskan moose populations.
Nome is located on the southern Seward Peninsula coast on Norton Sound of the Bering Sea.
The Graphite Creek Property comprises 129 claims totaling 6,799 hectares on the Seward Peninsula of Alaska, 65 kilometres north of Nome.
In addition, moose from tundra habitat on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska, which have colonized that area within the last ~30 years from the boreal forest, possessed antlers intermediate in size between moose inhabiting taiga and tundra.
staked 148 State of Alaska 160-acre MTRSC mining claims at several locations near Granite Mountain on the eastern Seward Peninsula of Alaska and has increased the claim position to 284 claims or 68 square-miles.