Seward Peninsula

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a peninsula in western Alaska that projects westward into the Bering Sea just below the Arctic Circle

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She first visited Shishmaref as a reporter for a newspaper in Nome, the regional hub for the Seward Peninsula.
Local accounts of excessive tooth breakage (all moose >7 years old had broken incisiform teeth) and enamel defects in a declining moose population on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska raise special concern (Smith 1992, Rozell 2003, Stimmelmayr et al.
Key words: Alaska, Beringia, climate change, community dynamics, historical biogeography, Long-tailed Shrew, Seward Peninsula, Sorex
There are two reindeer ranges close to Shishmaref on the Seward Peninsula.
The third came from an Inuit woman who died in mid-November 1918 in a remote village on the Seward Peninsula of Alaska.
Today, there are many places that bear his name, such as Fort Seward in Haines and the Seward Peninsula on the Bering Strait.
But then an interesting thing happened: The population of muskoxen on western Alaska's Seward Peninsula, which holds the city of Nome and several Native villages, grew by leaps and bounds, with the animals in plain sight of roads and houses.
Understanding the hardships faced and the lives of those early nomads is probably impossible today The ability to control fire, and the use of hides for clothing and shelter, allowed humans to migrate from Earth's middle latitudes throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Indonesian Archipelago, Australia, and Asia--areas that already had human populations when the voyagers first crossed the land bridge onto what is now the Seward Peninsula.
Nome, Alaska, was founded as the result of a gold strike on the Seward Peninsula, for which it was the port.
Bering Straits is the regional corporation for Alaska's wind-swept Seward Peninsula and for St.
The 86-kilometer-wide Bering Strait, between Alaska's Seward Peninsula and Siberia's Chukchi Peninsula, is normally a watery highway for the ice flowing north and south with the winds and currents.
The property is located in western, Alaska, at the east edge of the Seward Peninsula, approximately 240km east-northeast of Nome, and approximately 640 km west of Fairbanks.
On Tuesday, July 26, the Director will visit Nome to meet with reindeer grazing permittees and participate in a tour of public lands on the Seward Peninsula.
Explorers searching for the Northwest Passage made their way along the coast, while the Western Union Telegraph Expedition's Scientific Corps established at camp at Port Clarence on the Seward Peninsula.