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Synonyms for severance

Synonyms for severance

a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions)

the act of severing


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This is triple whammy - honours to cronies and a whacking great pay rise and then a bumped up severance package.
Despite public outcry against lavish severance packages for community college executives, some higher ed experts view these types of payouts as a necessary practice.
It was reported in February 700 workers in departments including administration, communications, marketing, recruitment and IT were offered severance packages.
He also said that efforts were being made to reach a consensus on the size of severance packages without the matter going to court - adding that efforts would be made to find former employees of the airline new jobs.
The previous year severance packages cost the authorities more than PS13m for 651 employees who left.
The committee's chair, Margaret Hodge, hit out after hearing that 10 other leading figures at the BBC received severance packages in the past two years which together amounted to PS4 million.
The report stated that the union leaders, who were under suspension and were to face an inquiry committee where they could be dismissed, were reportedly paid a little over Rs 16 lakh each as their final settlement - much more attractive than a normal severance package or voluntary retirement scheme (VRS).
WASHINGTON: A watchdog senator on Friday asked the Obama administration pay czar to explain why a top AIG executive stands to get a multi-million dollar severance package.
Managers say the severance packages will be offered in all departments and employees will have 21 days to consider if they will apply for a buyout.
Malaysia Airlines is maintaining its plans to cut the number of jobs although the number of workers accepting its severance packages has been lower than the airline hoped for.
Of those reporting severance packages, 82 percent indicated it was a long-term package; 15 percent receive a bridging-concept package and 2 percent a short-term package.
The company expects to incur charges of US$ 7 million, comprised of approximately US$ 6 million of cash costs, primarily for early retirement and severance packages being offered to approximately 130 employees, as well as non-cash charges of US$ 1 million to impair the remaining book value of the associated long-lived assets.
I whole-heartedly disagree with the exorbitant pensions and severance packages that our retired and defeated MPs receive.
Union rules require severance packages for journalists to start at eight months.
If I don't, at least I'll have a better understanding of severance packages and employee rights.