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Synonyms for severance

Synonyms for severance

a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions)

the act of severing


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Suppose an executive severance pay plan provides a severance benefit of 1 1/2 years' salary, payable over a 2-year period.
Here, the former employee has a maximum severance benefit that could be 20 weeks or longer, yet the employer's cost is reduced by 30.
Here he reviews deferred compensation from taxable subsidiaries, enhanced tax-qualified plans, severance benefits, and consulting contracts-additional options that may be available depending on the situation of the individual executive.
However, about 36 percent of CFOs had special severance benefits, and almost 69 percent were eligible for change-in-control benefits.
9 million of severance benefits and branch closure costs resulting from our plan to reduce operating expenses announced in December 2017.
9m of severance benefits and branch closure costs resulting from its plan to lower operating expenses, it revealed in December 2017.
We appreciate the contributions of those whose positions are affected and will provide severance benefits," Avery said in an emailed statement.
Cameron will be offering severance benefits and transition programs, also to include outplacement services, to laid off employees.
Mechanical management employees at Corbin will be offered relocation opportunities as they are available, or will be eligible for severance benefits.
Then Ramerman was fired without notice or severance benefits the same week that Fr.
including job search and counseling and severance benefits.
However, large mature private companies provide similar severance benefits as public companies for reasons including:
30, does not take the top honor in another, more scrutinized category: Executive severance benefits.
Heinz plans to offer severance benefits, outplacement services and other support to help affected employees pursue new (http://www.
Abu Dhabi: A senior official's online threat to his company that he would quit if a worker is not recruited backfired - he lost his job and severance benefits, although the applicant who he favoured incidentally landed the job, documents of the Abu Dhabi Federal Supreme Court showed.