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Synonyms for severance

Synonyms for severance

a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions)

the act of severing


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First, you may be overdue for a review of the design of your severance benefits.
However, the IRS has taken a clear position that it will not consider benefits to be severance benefits if they are payable upon termination for any reason and are not limited to types of termination normally associated with severance pay, such as early or otherwise unexpected termination.
CIC severance benefits are typically provided in one of two ways:
Lathrop & Gage, which represents Dickens, said the investigation determined he was fired "without cause" and, therefore, is entitled to the additional severance benefits requested in the Feb.
In that case, Lockheed gave severance benefits to employees who were going to be laid off as a result of a corporate merger.
It would establish guidance for benefits, such as early-retirement incentives and severance benefits that are provided as the result of voluntary or involuntary terminations, and is intended to enhance comparability of financial statements by requiring governments to account for similar termination benefits in the same manner.
will eliminate 1,000 jobs and take a charge of $50 million for severance benefits as it moves to complete a spinoff of its money-losing semiconductor unit, the company said Tuesday.
They were expected to receive about TT$53 million in severance benefits by March 15 but, as of April 1 they had not received money from the airline.
One of four facilities within PolyOne's Engineered Films unit, the Yerington plant employs approximately 85 people, who would be eligible for severance benefits and outplacement services, or to apply for any job openings at other locations within the business group.
Blackshear approved motions for payment of prepetition wages, salaries, vacation benefits, expense reimbursements, severance benefits and employee benefits, among other items.
419 and 419A impose on welfare benefit funds that typically provide bundled benefits such as life and health insurance, severance benefits and child care.
Severance Benefits: A company may agree to pay severance benefits under specified circumstances.
There are limited circumstances where severance benefits may be appropriate.
IN ORDER TO PREVENT LAWSUITS BY LAID-OFF EMPLOYEES, many employers are augmenting their severance packages with "no-suit" agreements that offer employees increased severance benefits in exchange for an agreement not to sue their former employer.
Carter was dismissed suddenly, along with most of the other non-editorial personnel in the Arlington office, who received Federal Express notices and papers to sign in order to receive their severance benefits.