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This event is jam-packed with speed and, in the hope of some bunching up front, Seven Of Spades will be powering home and looks well worth an each-way wager at this morning's generous odds.
So you can give the answer of four of Hearts and seven of Spades.
Taking over the lead on the rails at the second bend after Droopys Milla (8-1) drifted off and hampered several of the other runners, Seven Of Spades was always on top thereafter and repelled the late thrust of Ayamzabeauty ((6-1) by threequarters of a length in 29.
Heat two is Mark Wallis-tastic withthe Trainerofthe Yearleader havingfour representativeswith thedrawperhapspointinginthe directionof Risky Rosaleen, whoshouldenjoyacrackingrun ontheinside,whileDerekKnight's aforementioned Seven Of Spades canprovestrongestin heatthreeat8.
Following the general principle that it is better to not overuff West discarded and the seven of spades became the fourth trick for the defence.
com Oaks champion looked in a different class to the opposition, as she trotted up by five-anda-half lengths from Seven Of Spades (7-1) in 29.
Ladies Trophy Coral: 4-5 Silverview Perky, 10 Centurion Dolly, Scramble, 12 Droopys Milla, Jaytee Monroe, 14 Droopys Aretha, Silverview Pinky, 16 Ballymac Pet, 20 Parkwest Angel, Peggys Style, 25 Britania Rachel, Dix ies Craft, Seven Of Spades, 28 Bubbly Swallow, 33 Mountjoy Orion, 50 Riverside Jess, 66 Confident Ramona, Flaming Honey (e-w 1/5 1,2,3).
40 over 695m, while Seven Of Spades can take the finale at 10.
The card closes with an A3 contest that could play right into the paws of the strongrunning Seven Of Spades (T3) who can tuck in behind the leaders before unleashing a winning run around the final two bends.
28: T1 Fabulous Agenda 6-1, T2 Brunspink Nod 16-1, T3 Airforce Cougar 4-1, T4 Seven Of Spades 11-2, T5 Thurlesbeg Bound 5-6, T6 Darfin Kaie 8-1.
com Oaks hopeful Thurlesbeg Bound (4-6F), who continued her recovery from seasonal rest with a two-and-a-half lengths defeat of Seven Of Spades (9-2) in a fast 29.
51): 5-2 Airforce Posh, 3 Darfin Katie, Seven Of Spades, 11-2 Daughter Of Peg, 6 Perles Orchid, Tullna Rose.
Brighton Belle Coral: 5 Westmead Melanie, 6 Airforce Cougar, 7 Airforce Posh, 9 Seven Of Spades, 10 Bower Laramie, 12 Brer Doe, Darfin Katie, 14 Cagey Lilly, Cockney Diva, Daughter Of Peg, Spicy Lass, Tullna Rose, 16 Pacey Kestrel, Perles Kestrel, Silverview Pinky, 20 Ballymac Minus, Indigo Kitti, 33 Fabulous Reason (e-w 1/4 1,2,3).
18: 2 Darfin Katie, 5-2 Cockney Diva, Seven Of Spades, 7-2 Fairy Royal, 12 Swift Stamper, 33 Pearls Hero.
Ladies Trophy: 5 Bush Whitney, 7 Little Flame, Droopys Minnie, 8 Borna Jessica, 9 Eden Vixen, Seven Of Spades, 10 Droopys Aliyah, 12 Ballyhale Enda, Brer Doe, Fabulous Talent, 14 Darfin Katie, 16 Fabulous Colony, Tenters Bell, 20 Pacey Kestrel, Soul Fantasy, 33 Hailsham Hawk, Spicy Lass, Zenas Star (e-w 1/5 1,2,3).