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Synonyms for settlement

Synonyms for settlement

a settlement of differences through mutual concession

Synonyms for settlement

a body of people who settle far from home but maintain ties with their homeland

a community of people smaller than a town

something settled or resolved

an area where a group of families live together

termination of a business operation by using its assets to discharge its liabilities

References in classic literature ?
It only contained these words: "Give yourself no trouble about settlements.
You doubtless understand me as now referring to the subject of settlements.
This circumstance had suggested to him the idea of supplying the Russian establishment regularly by means of the annual ship that should visit the settlement at the mouth of the Columbia (or Oregon) ; by this means the casual trading vessels would be excluded from those parts of the coast where their malpractices were so injurious to the Russians.
It is your further happiness to behold, in those eminent characters, who were most conspicuous in accomplishing the settlement of your country, men upon whose virtue you can dwell with honest exultation.
If the latter by chance comes among them on his way to and from the settlements, he is like a game-cock among the common roosters of the poultry-yard.
These mountains are in the wilderness, as we pass from the old settlements in Virginia to Kentucke, are ranged in a S.
Abner, set the Captain at liberty; and now, if you will tarry until I am ready to draw nigher to the settlements, you shall both have the benefit of carriage; if not, never say that you did not get a friendly offer.
Ole lived in a leaky dugout somewhere at the edge of the settlement.
And thus was formed the earliest settlement of the Puritans in America.
Although the settlement of this part of Otsego a little preceded the birth of the author, it was not sufficiently advanced to render it desirable that an event so important to himself should take place in the wilderness.
A definite settlement, Alexey Alexandrovitch, some settlement of the position.
Dicas (highly respectable and immensely rich), and Richard Turlington were assembled in the library at Muswell Hill, to discuss the question of Natalie's marriage settlement.
In that case, supposing Miss Fairlie ultimately decided on holding to her engagement, my necessary personal communication with her, before I drew her settlement, would become something like a downright impossibility, and we should be obliged to commit to writing questions which ought always to be discussed on both sides by word of mouth.
As to how you are living now, or as to what settlement you have made with your landlady, I know not, for you write nothing concerning those two points, and seem purposely to have left them unmentioned.
Once in every decade there shall be a general settlement, when the balance due shall be paid to the creditor nation in Mexican dollars.