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representation consisting of the scenery and other properties used to identify the location of a dramatic production

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A set construction company is swapping the Tardis for a tower - a 16-metre bun tower.
The diaries basically cover every aspect of the mega-production, from set construction to special-effects creation, as well as the nitty gritty of filmmaking, such as cameras and film development.
Services include: on-location shooting, post-production suites, sound and editing technology, two sound stages, photography stage, lighting and grip packages, stage equipment rentals, transportation, set construction, and office space.
Because the Ahmanson's orchestra pit is built over a parking garage that is not equipped to handle tons of water, CTG's structural engineers and the set construction shop had to get creative.
The Shrine Expo Center is utilized by nearly every entertainment company which performs upon the Shrine stage for rehearsals, dinners, adjunct shows, set construction and scenery storage.
The Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission on Wednesday indicated its intention to renew an existing permit to allow filming, movie set construction, and agricultural activities to continue at the ranch, said Ken Szalay regional planning assistant.
With the expertise that Kool and Khalis bring to this industry, my background in producing and promoting over 200 live events and the addition of our state-of-the-art recording studio," Vellardita added, "we will be able to provide an entire spectrum of services from recording studio, to video production, set construction and props, editing and animation.
PALMDALE - Summer theater campers took over the Palmdale Playhouse this month with rehearsals and dancing in the classrooms, set construction on stage and costuming in the gallery.
Our kids have been doing everything - drama, dance, costuming, makeup, set construction, integrating technology, lighting and sound,'' said Ana Verde Principal Todd Cherland.
The animation was also used to derive a wealth of information relative to set construction, camera equipment needs, set dressing and so forth, making it an invaluable asset to the production crew.
Duswalt said the intern will learn about technical and administrative work in the theater: sound, lighting, set construction, direct mailings, box office duties and ushering.
The studio offers a full spectrum of production capabilities from visual effects, virtual cinematography, and set construction to post-production services with a full array of lighting, grip and necessary expendables for full-length feature films, music videos and commercials to catering services.
This could save producers millions of dollars - and as many headaches - by eliminating location travel, set construction, weather complications and interference from passers-by.
Alternate Route Studios, a full-service production facility located in Cary, North Carolina, incorporates high-end CGI, scale model and set construction, film-quality sound design and postproduction for the creation of state-of-the-art special effects.
He understands drama from set construction to make-up to costumes,'' Phelps said.