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Spanish missionary who founded Franciscan missions in California (1713-1784)

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Gaschi made a move to Dubai as executive chef at Stay Restaurant in the One & Only The Palm before his latest move to La Serre .
Les protestataires ont egalement brule des pneus et des dechets de palmiers pour reclamer l'elargissement de cette liste au profit des agriculteurs dont les cultures sous serre ont ete endommagees a cause de l'augmentation du taux de sel dans l'eau du puits profond utilisee dans l'irrigation de ces cultures.
After a few circuits of Grooming School, open to the public at the top of the Casse du Boeuf lift, and a night-time trip up the mountain to the Chalet Hotel de Serre Ratier's restaurant (only reachable in evening on the mountain monster machines) and I had a renewed respect for the care that goes into keeping Serre n r t Chevalier pristine.
Perhaps the duplicated gene generates so much of the binding protein that it can somehow get into a red blood cell, Serre said.
Ces objectifs permettront meme de renforcer la competitivite des principaux emetteurs, avant la mise en oeuvre du marche national d'echange de droits d'emissions de gaz a effet de serre en 2015, selon le gouvernement.
With improvements in sequencing techniques and reductions in costs, David Serre, Assistant Professor, at the Genomic Medicine Institute, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, and Zimmerman decided to try to see if the parasite's genome could be sequenced and what it might tell.
Raedar followed up their meeting by sending the following message to Hitler on March 18, 1941: "When at the German Embassy in Paris, Jacques Serre expressed his surprise that Newcastle has not yet been attacked because the Vickers-Armstrong shipyards there contain an aircraft carrier (to be completed in five to six months), two battleships (to be completed in five to six months), one light cruiser, six or seven destroyers and three or four submarines under construction.
Serre (mathematics, College de France) had the great good sense to have notes taken at his 1988 lectures at Harvard, creating a slim volume of great interest.
But then we were in a man-made ice cave, 6,000ft up the Southern Alps in Serre Chevalier, one of the most under-rated ski resorts in France, which has a habit of providing surprises.
Long distance costs bite hard into the pocketbooks and profits of ordinary Canadians and businesses," says PhoneNet Communications CEO Marc Serre.
Donald Serre developed the MICI -- pronounced "Mickey" -- for Mobile In-Check Integrated system.
Le Protocole de Kyoto a pour objectif de diminuer les emissions de gaz a effet de serre dans les pays signataires de 5,2 % sous les niveaux de 1990, pour la periode allant de 2008 a 2012.
Octavio Becerra's and Joachim Splichal's culinary magic brings the ultimate in bistro fare to the unrecognizable former La Serre site, the forerunner of Cafe Pinot downtown and Splichal's newest siblings, Pinot Hollywood, Pinot Blanc (Napa Valley), Pinot and Martini Bar in Pasadena and Pinot Provence in Orange County.
Contract award notice: Contract for the supply of lubricants for the needs of the services of the hellenic republic serres 2018
Abstract: Jacques Derrida and Michel Serres challenge the binary logic of Western philosophy very differently, Derrida through a philosophy of discourse, Serres through a philosophy of things.