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type genus of the Serranidae: mostly small Pacific sea basses

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Taxonomic review of the perciform fish genus Acanthistius from the east coast of southern Africa, with description of a new species and designation of a neotype for Serranus sebastoides Castelnau, 1861.
Although the underlying Biblical proverb suggests that a fool's eyes are at fault, not his brains, Serranus attributes the migrating brain to the Greeks, where indeed it can be found, and quite widely.
Serranus nigritus = Hyporthodus nigritus (Holbrook): Warsaw Grouper; p.
Jack (family) Carangidae Graysby Cephalopholis cruentata Tattler Serranus phoebe Squirrelfishes (family) Holocentridae Rainbow runner Elagatis bipinnulata Black margate Anisotremus surinamensis Bigeye scad Selar crumenophthalmus Bluntnose sixgill shark Hexanchus griseus Red hind Epinephelus guttatus Grouper (genus) Mycteroperca Scorpionfish Scorpaena sp.
Serranus Hastings, California's first chief justice, we learn from Shuck, left the post because the $10,000 salary that came with it was not enough to meet his needs in Gold Rush California.
frugality you had always been able in the past to appeal to Serranus,
1980), Micropogon undulatus (Eurell and Haensly, 1982), Serranus cabrilla (Gonzalez et al.
polyosoma, Circus cinereus, Geranoetus melanoleucus, Phalcoboenus megalopterus, Vanellus resplendens, Larus serranus, Bolborhynchus orbygnesius, Colaptes rupicola, Cinclodes atacamensis, C.
Also in evidence in the opening chapter are the virtues that make the book a worthwhile and interesting read: West's willingness to wander from his narrow thesis to include more and less relevant examples and reasoning (in the thirteen pages of the introduction, he moves from Pliny to Thomas Elyot, Plato and his sixteenth-century translator Serranus to the Holocaust Museum and back to Kepler) and his ultimately successful attempt to sustain a comparison that few others have thought to make.
1980), Micropogon undulatus (Eurell & Haensly, 1982), Serranus cabrilla (Gonzalez et al.
Among serranines, permanent dichromatism has been reported in at least two species, black sea bass, Centropristes striatus, and barred serrano, Serranus psittacinus (Lavenda 1949; Hastings and Petersen 1986).
Serranus Clinton Hastings (1814-1893), California's first chief justice, founded and endowed Hastings College of Law in San Francisco in 1878.
At one point in The Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon he transcribes a lengthy passage from Plato's Laws, adding a precise reference to the Serranus edition, Platonis opera omnia (1578): the Ribbles conclude from the presence of this edition in Baker's catalogue (lot 481) that 'at least one' of Fielding's books came back from Portugal, but the telling point here is that Baker was able to list only two volumes of the Serranus edition, where a full set would have had three.
Pair formation and joint territoriality in a simultaneous hermaphrodite: the coral reef fish Serranus tigrinus.