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capital and largest city of Bulgaria located in western Bulgaria

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When the distribution of amphitheatres in Thracia was analysed, cities clearly having an amphitheatre include Markianopolis, Diocletianopolis (Hisarya/Bulgaria), and a recent discovery, Serdica.
A Serdica nel 342 o 343, il sinodo universale, che aveva lo scopo di riunificare la comunione ecclesiale divisa tra Occidente ed Oriente, non ottenne se non la reciproca scomunica delle parti e non avanzo significativamente nella questione dogmatica riguardante la fides Nicaena pur avendola inclusa tra i punti pio importanti dell'ordine del giorno.
Pernik era una ciudad muy cercana a Serdica, la actual Sofia, que pertenecia a la region Tracia, pero que justamente a comienzos del siglo IX, unos pocos anos antes de la redaccion de esta obra, es tomada por el imperio bulgaro.
Atceken: Geometry of warped product semi-invariant submanifolds of a locally Riemannian product manifold, Serdica Math.
Due to its central positioning and two seals found in the house, we presume it was the home of Leontius, one of the bishops of Ulpia Serdica," said archaeologist Ivanov.
In addition, the discussion in chapter nine of the failed council of Serdica in 342 C.
Una circunstancia que se prolongaria hasta el ano 311, en que Galerio (293-311) promulgo el edicto de Serdica, derogando las leyes represivas (94).
Dryanov, Sobolev type decomposition of Paley-Wiener-Schwartz space with application to sampling theory, Serdica, 33, 411-432, 2007.
PETRUCHEV, Approximation classes for adaptive methods, Serdica Math.
Basil begins his letter of 358, which was written in response to the Sirmium 357 Creed, by identifying four creedal authorities that he thinks best express the church's faith: the Creed of Constantinople 336, the Dedication Creed of Antioch 341, Serdica 343, and Sirmium 351.
Vinzent suggests as a terminus post quem the death of Constantine, and he infers from an examination of the synodal letters and creeds of the 340s, especially those associated with Serdica, that they mark a reaction to CAIV.
Before that he attended the Council of Serdica (343) in the function of comes as a representative of Constantius II;(2) he was proconsul of Achaea (after 351 and before 353) and possibly (also before 353) proconsul of the city of Constantinople.
Lot 3 with subject: "Restoration, conservation, exhibition and development of Archaeological Park" Western Gate of Serdica "
Godefroy : Some applications of Simons' inequality, Serdica Math.
Beneath Maria Louisa Boulevard, the dig has uncovered a well-preserved building believed to have belonged to a wealthy resident of Serdica, as the city was known in Byzantine times.