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Oertel feels there is little to choose between his pair as Seraphin Du Paon, the 2011 winner and 2012 runner-up, runs with blinkers on this time while Junior Johnson has been training well on the Tapeta.
He won the race last year when I was second on Seraphin Du Paon, a horse that I won this race on in 2011.
When Seraphin Du Paon won this race in 2011, he was ridden by Olivier Peslier who, this year, is set to ride last year's winner TM Fred Texas who had Adrie de Vries aboard 12 months ago when denying Seraphin Du Paon a repeat victory.
Miami-Dade County Judge Fred Seraphin said, "I hope to meet some very interesting law students and very interesting lawyers.
Nicolas Batum, Ronny Turiaf and Kevin Seraphin will also try to help France pull the upset.
Meanwhile, TM Fred Texas registered a triumph in the first race of the afternoon's action, the Dubai Kahayla Classic, ahead of runner-up Seraphin Du Paon and Timadit Al Mels, who finished back in third.
For about eight years, she played a 1742 Sanctus Seraphin, on long-term loan from Los Angeles collector Peter Mandell.
Give us a horse to keep an eye on Boldly Go (thoroughbred) and Seraphin Du Paon (Arabian).
17 - Chicago Bulls: Kevin Seraphin - F 6'9, 260 - France
02% when compared to a standard such as National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable Seraphin cans.
L'analyse que le premier fait de trois films recents, Aurore, Seraphin et Le Survenant, l'amene a conclure <<que les Quebecois ne sont pas pres de se reconcilier avec la foi des ancetres, ni meme avec leur passe catholique >>.
Present at the event's launch were managing director John Strongylos, executive director Steve Smith, director Chrisantos Strongylos, commercial manager Jayesh Engineer and administration manager Kyriacos Seraphin.
5 million Stradivarius cello and an $850,000 Sanctus Seraphin violin and bow.
Determinedly ambitious, gambling $33 million in the hope of achieving box-office grosses in the same league as last year's hits Seraphin and Seducing Doctor Lewis, Nouvelle-France only intermittently comes alive.
Handset makers are facing a sea change as advances in technology enable new waves of mobile phone uses and segments requiring silicon and software with the flexibility to support varying levels of audio and video features," said Luc Seraphin, vice president of Agere's Mobility division.