Sequoia sempervirens

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lofty evergreen of United States coastal foothills from Oregon to Big Sur

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Those hungry for the solace of sequoia sempervirens can head up Route 101 from San Francisco and get to Headwaters in five hours, first refreshing themselves at Rockefeller Grove a few miles north of Garberville, famous for containing the tallest redwood on the North Coast.
But the French botanist Decaisne, believing the tree to be related to the California coastal redwood, the Sequoia sempervirens, decided instead on Sequoia gigantea for the giant of the Sierra.
And along the sands of Malibu, where 300-foot stands of Sequoia Sempervirens - not to be confused with their girthy Giant Sequoia cousins - could shade sun-baked board shorts and bikinis.
The scientific name of the coast redwood is Sequoia sempervirens, which means ever living - a bit of an exaggeration as the oldest redwood known is ``only'' about 2,200 years old.
The Sempervirens Fund is a tribute, both in name and work, to the turn-of-the-century Sempervirens Club, which took its name from the botanical name for the coast redwood, Sequoia sempervirens.