Sequoia National Park

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a national park in California that includes Mount Whitney

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Multi-millennial fire history of the giant forest, Sequoia National Park, California, USA.
In order to address the data gap and to find the knowledge, skills, and values the students take away from a Partners in the Parks adventure, we designed the 2012 Sequoia National Park adventure to include a unique assignment that was to be presented orally by each participant during the final evening's circle.
Last week, a portion of Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada was closed to visitors while rangers dropped from helicopters into a marijuana farm a half-mile away from Crystal Cave, popular among tourists.
The Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park, home of Sierra vistas, black bears, and the world's largest trees, easily sees several hundred visitors drop by park information desks on a daily basis to learn what there is to do.
Explorers in Central California's Sequoia National Park have stumbled upon a crystal-filled cave that lay hidden from view for more than one million years.
However, all are dwarfed by the world's most massive living tree, a giant sequoia growing in the Sequoia National Park in California.
From his home observatory in Springville, California, Ronald Royer snapped this view of the Moon last November as it rose over the Sierra Nevada Range near Sequoia National Park.
Assistant scoutmaster Steve McCullagh, 29, was killed instantly and six others injured when the bolt struck a tarpaulin the scouts had set up in Sequoia National Park, California.
The US Scouts had set up in a meadow in Sequoia National Park, California.
Sequoia National Park is about a 5-hour drive from Los Angeles.
Photos show mules breaking a trail through deep snow in 1920, a well-dressed lady on the trail in the early 1900s, a Sierra Club pack train in 1940, John Muir in Sequoia National Park in 1902, and mules loaded with boats for campers going to backcountry lakes.
Now it's available in four sizes and in place in backyards across the country, at Boy Scout functions, and even at campgrounds in California's Sequoia National Park.
A camper has been accused of starting a 55,000-acre fire that has gobbled swaths of California's Sequoia National Park and threatened some of the world's oldest and biggest trees.
AN ODD SORT OF JUNKIE is wreaking havoc in the Mineral King area of Sequoia National Park in California.