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the 3rd Sunday before Lent (or the 9th before Easter)

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Et quarta feria, et die sabbatis, et a Septuagesima usque in Pascha, carnem non comedant; praeter eos qui sun infirmi et imbecilles; et nunquam nudi incedant, sed vestiti camiseis laneis, vel lineis, aut aliis quibuslibet vestimentis.
The third group of Leipzig cantatas, according to scores once owned by Carl Phillipp Emanuel Bach, cover from Christmas 1725 to Septuagesima 1727: BWV 57 (1725); BWV 32, 88, 170, 35, 169, 56, 49, 55, and 52 (1726); BWV 82 and 84 (1727).
Fue ratificado en la septuagesima conferencia (Viena, 10 al 11 de julio de 1984).
38) Thus, two weeks before the sermon for Quinquagesima, in the first sermon of the series, that of Septuagesima Sunday, Fra Antonino takes as his starting point the original magnificence of mankind in paradise, where, to be held in honor, he was supposed to work more with the mind than with the body--an idea that the preacher succinctly encapsulates in the theme for the first of the sermon's three parts: "First there is his most noble magnificence [magnificatio nobilissima], for when he was [held] in honor.
Suchitoto fue en enero pasado sede de la Septuagesima Primera Reunion del Consejo Centroamericano de Turismo (CCT), que reunio a ministros y otros responsables del desarrollo del sector en la region con el fin de definir nuevas estrategias de mercado.
Actor secundario en muchos otros interesantes proyectos, como el tambien enfermizo sonidista que en Boogie Nights, de Paul Thomas Anderson, se obsesiona con el actor porno protagonista, en Capote se revela como un extraordinario primer actor cuyos variados recursos le permiten ahora asumir un rol protagonico de enormes dificultades y riesgos, sobrado trabajo que merecidamente lo llevo a recibir la estatuilla como Mejor Actor en la pasada septuagesima octava entrega de los Oscares.
Pure eyes and Christian hearts" as Keble's hymn for Septuagesima Sunday had it, were an essential preliminary but under Yonge's interpretation of his invocation, "Thou, who has given me eyes to see," a more active application is implied.
These psalms also differ from their Biblical homologues by praising not only the Lord God but also the saints and various ecclesiastical holidays, such as Septuagesima Sunday.
13) On the feasts of Septuagesima and Sexagesima, when the responsories included in the Jeu d'Adam were usually performed, the ordering of the responsories and the verses assigned to the responsories differ from manuscript to manuscript.
Gane o no el premio en la septuagesima tercera ceremonia de la Academia de las Artes y Ciencias Cinematograficas de Estados Unidos, este 25 de marzo, la cinta del mexicano Alejandro Gonzalez Inaturri, mas que prestigio, tiene la posibilidad de obtener ganancias millonarias de taquilla.
I am reminded of that great Septuagesima Sunday in 1965 when, after at least a thousand years, the altars in most U.
11 Septuagesima Sunday; temperature hit -61 [degrees] F in Montana this day in 1899; Thomas Alva Edison born, 1847.
The most prized recording of chant that I own is one in a vivid blue jacket--with Gothic black-letter printing--for the Mass of Septuagesima (70 days before Easter), performed by the monks of Solesmes.
Gallo set the eight most commonly prescribed psalms for feast-days, as well as a Magnificat, and a 'Domine ad adjuvandum' (including a rare setting of the words 'Laus tibi Domine', substituted for 'Alleluia' from Septuagesima to Easter).
Pars', Palestrina's O Domine Jesu Christi for Palm Sunday which has been identified by the first two words of its title, and Guerrero's famous Simile est regnum caelorum for Septuagesima which is identified by the initials 'F.