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Metastases to joints such as the hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow and sacroiliac lead to septic arthritis (13 to 27% of cases) and soft tissue sepsis (0 to 16% of cases) (7,9).
The patient presented similarly with the clinical features of septicaemia, septic arthritis, and multiple abscesses all over the body.
The MRI demonstrated multiple meniscal tears but was not considered to be consistent with septic arthritis and there was no specific evidence of an intraosseous infective process.
Group B streptococcus is an uncommon cause of septic arthritis but is increasing in frequency.
Complications of RBF include septic arthritis, endocarditis, and rarely discitis, as in our patient.
66%) of septic arthritis with synovitis encountered in the present study.
Septic arthritis is an infection of a joint such as a hip, knee - or ankle, in my case.
suis most often causes meningitis, but endocarditis, pneumonia, toxic shock-like syndrome, and septic arthritis have also been reported (1-3).
Even so, joint fluid analysis is imperative in order to rule out septic arthritis.
Septic arthritis of the knee is an infrequent orthopedic disease, but it is extremely important.
We report here an unusual case of ankle septic arthritis due to K.
3) Often called "the imitator," gout may masquerade as septic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or neoplasm, and the diagnosis is often delayed by weeks or months.
Since her diagnosis, Pat has become diabetic, undergone a knee replacement, had to have benign tumours removed from her thyroid, suffered septic arthritis in her elbow, had two mild strokes and, at her worst, had to have open heart surgery.