September equinox

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Seasons on Saturn Season Date March equinox 3 March 1980 June solstice 11 December 1987 September equinox 19 November 1995 December solstice 26 October 2002 March equinox 10 August 2009 June solstice 22 May 2017 Table 2.
We've just passed the September equinox, and that's generally considered to be the start of the autumnal gale season, so be prepared for a few more gusts.
It is also called the Harvest Moon because it takes place "closest to the September equinox each year.
According to National Aeronautics and Space Administration website, the September equinox occurred at 20:44 UTC on September 22 (4:44a.
This weekend brings the September equinox - so autumn is well on its way.
The Sun arrives at the September equinox at 5:05 a.
Since this is the full Moon closest to the time of the September equinox, by definition it's the Harvest Moon.