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a Jew who is of Spanish or Portuguese or North African descent


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Their lives have been intertwined, and overlap very frequently as relatives, friends, congregants, and Sephardic Jews consciously active in continuing tradition and perpetuating the memory of their lost Jewish community in Rhodes.
Hundreds of Sephardic Jews celebrated their multicultural heritages Sunday at the second annual Sephardic Arts Festival at the Skirball Cultural Center.
Many think of Jews as people hailing from countries such as Germany and Romania, not Sephardic Jews like Lazarus whose ancestors come from countries such as Spain and Portugal in southwest Europe.
Even in Christian-ruled areas such as Castile and Portugal, Sephardic Jews were speakers of Ladino -- a vernacular mixture of Spanish, Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic.
To her Ashkenazi peers, meanwhile, as a non-Arab Egyptian and Sephardic Jew unaware of gefilte fish, Yiddish, or "kosher," she is neither a real Egyptian nor a real Jew.
However, she discovered an ecstatic quality to Spinoza's thought that she attributed to the historical circumstances of being a Sephardic Jew in Amsterdam.
zy (born January 28, 1955 in Paris), simply known as Nicolas Sarkozy, is a French politician, the second son of a Hungarian father and French mother, AndrE[umlaut]e Mallah who was originally a Sephardic Jew from Greece.
Another exceptional piece (Hadida) is dedicated to the first Moroccan Sephardic Jew who carne to Cuba, while the selection titled Para Peru pays tribute to that country's humane gesture in allowing Cubans into their embassy in Havana back in 1980.
It is essential, argues Klein, that we see him as a Sephardic Jew whose identity as such contributed a great deal to his art, as did the particular conditions of his upbringing.
Table: 7 Occupational Mobility of Sephardic Jew in Cuba Occupation Up to 1933 1934-45 1945-59 Worker 4 6 6 Clerk 2 2 2 Teacher, Rabbi 3 5 4 Peddler 60 42 36 Wholesale merchant 7 11 14 Retail merchant 12 21 23 Industrialist 3 4 5 Professional, student 1 8 14 Other 1 3 4 Total 93 102 108 Source: Survey conducted by author among Cuban Sephardim in Miami.
A 1957 exchange between Sam Lasry--a Sephardic Jew who was, at the time, working with Leon Ligier on starting up the California chapter--and Marcel Franco well illustrates this problem of self-presentation vis-a-vis the issue of Sephardic identity.
In their early lives it would have seemed unlikely that the paths of Primo Levi, an assimilated Sephardic Jew from Italy, and Elie Wiesel, an orthodox Hasid from Eastern Europe, might ever cross.
Carl Djerassi was born in Vienna where his father, Samuel, a Sephardic Jew originally from Bulgaria, was a doctor who specialized in VD.
Made over five years, docu tracks the personal and public travails of Nawi, a fiftysomething Sephardic Jew whose parents originally came from Iraq.