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the capital of South Korea and the largest city of Asia

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Once the Seoul CCPP Units 1 and 2 commence their commercial operation, they will supply electricity to 800,000 households and district heating to 100,000 households across Seoul.
Also shown in the gallery will be the resulting architectural models and documentary produced by Paul Sullivan and LJMU architecture students Steven Thorpe and Jonathan Woodward of what the people of Liverpool think of Seoul.
Korean Air and JAL started code share operations on August 1, 2004 on routes between Komatsu, Niigata, Sapporo and Seoul.
led troops, armed with artillery and tanks, poured ashore and pressed on toward Seoul.
Fifty years ago that was New York (in the eyes of journalist John Gunther), which now seems cautious and intimate compared to a city like Seoul.
President Kim's statement confirms officially for the first time that the North Korean leader will visit Seoul.
Within the first week, North Korea had captured a huge portion of the South, including the capital, Seoul.
Looking back over the past few decades of dance, two major trends, often passing generally unobserved, are underlined, almost symbolized, by the presence of Korea's Universal Ballet and its recent, splendidly effective new production of Marius Petipa's 1877 Russian masterpiece La Bayadere at the Sejong Cultural Center here in Seoul.
SEOUL--South Korea may not be the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of ballet, yet at least two major companies now operate in Seoul.
The firm's first major commission in Korea was to design the retail and entertainment component of Samsung's headquarters in Seoul.
3 million or 80 percent of the total visitors will visit Seoul.
South Korean officials are trying to persuade China to let Hwang go to Seoul.
One of the most recent postings was a video of an English-speaking narrator visiting a fortune teller in Seoul.
com's information covers insider tips, insights, and knowledge needed to plan your trip for Seoul.
Visit the ancient temples, discover the fabulous Korean markets, and experience the beauty of Seoul with mountains surrounding the region and complemented by the Han River Seoul.